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Continuous Integration and Testing Conference (April 16 & 17, Raleigh-Durham, NC)

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The Open Information Foundation, co-founded by Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius, presents CITCON North America 2010 in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. CITCON (Continuous Integration and Testing Conference) brings together people from every corner of the software development industry to discuss Continuous Integration and the type of Testing that goes along with it. CITCON provides a forum to connect with other people on topics you care about, to learn from their experience and share your own. Every CITCON develops a unique agenda, but past topics include:

  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • What CI Tools can learn from the Rubber Chicken
  • What Is The One True Language For Writing Tests?
  • The Future of Build Languages
  • BDD is not TDD
  • How Far is End-to-End?
  • Fit for Fun and Profit
  • Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

The conference will be help April 16 & 17 at the Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel. Registration requires only a $20 deposit. The deposit is entirely refunded when you attend the conference. CITCON has been designed from its inception to be a medium for passionate people to share their ideas without financial impediment.

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