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Derek leads LongJump's product marketing, communications, lead generation, and PR efforts including engaging direct enteprise customers, ISVs, and the channel. For over 16 years, Derek has filled multiple marketing and communication roles within some of the Silicon Valley's most innovative companies including Blazent (combiner of asset management with web-based business intelligence), Cendura (web-based configuration management productivity tools - acq. by CA), Silicon Gaming (Hollywood production-level video slot machines - acq. by IGT), and Symbol Technologies (WiFi data terminals and networking infrastructure - acq. by Motorola). Derek has also provided the gamut of consulting and marketing creative services for a broad range of clients, including technology stalwarts like IBM and Sun Microsystems. Most recently at Blazent, Derek's role as the Senior Product Marketing Manager was instrumental in executing marketing and sales support activities that helped grow the business around large, multi-level initiatives to IT service management accounts within EDS and IBM. The results were the most profitable consecutive years ever. Prior to Blazent, Derek helped fuel a sales pipeline of Global 2000 businesses for Cendura using guerrilla-style lead generation and communication activities. Derek holds a BA in English from San Jose State University. Derek has posted 1 posts at DZone. View Full User Profile

How can PaaS improve Agile methodologies?

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Time-to-market and time-to-value in businesses, organizations, and teams have taken center stage as we all strive to improve and automate our processes, and rely heavily on software to do much of our heavy information lifting. After all, what is software, except a series of smart, automated information management processes?

Agile development methodologies are a response to the changing nature of bringing software ideas to real-world fruition. In short, agile at its heart is about taking business processes and translating them to discrete applications that solve information management issues really fast. These factors make Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Agile development a match made in heaven.

This whitepaper "PaaS and Agile Development: the Application Platform for Enterprise Transformation" covers everything a CIO, software product manager, scrum master, or architect needs to know about leveraging PaaS as part of an Agile strategy.

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