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Industrial Logic12/01/09
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Industrial Logic Offers eLearning 'Albums' for Refactoring, TDD, Code Smells and more...

As more organizations embrace Agile methods,  there is a greater need for a cost-effective and flexible form of training. Agile eLearning gives you expert Java, C#, C++ and C guidance in TDD, Refactoring, Code Smells, Testing Legacy Code and Design Patterns....

Tiago Simões11/20/09
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Free Agile Platform 5.0 released

OutSystems is pleased to announce the release of the OutSystems Agile Platform 5.0 today. It allows IT teams to develop and manage web apps and business processes, using visual models, bringing together application development and business process management...

Lyndsey Clevesy11/16/09
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Free Cheat Sheet: GlassFish Application Server v3

Getting Started with GlassFish Application Server v3 begins by introducing you to what GlassFish is and how to get it.  Then it goes on to prove its worth as a lasting resouce by going into detail on Daily Administration Tasks, Security, Monitoring, and...

Ezequiel Cuellar10/26/09
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Endeavour Software Project Management Beta 1.0 Released

Endeavour Software Project Management is an Open Source solution to manage the creation of large-scale enterprise systems in an iterative and incremental development process. It features support for Use Case management, Iterations, Project Plan, Change...

Nitin Bharti10/16/09
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Øredev Developers Conference Coming to Sweden, Nov 2-6

Considered by many to be the best developers conference in Europe, Øredev is running for its fifth consecutive year. This years' theme "Efficiency" has been integrated into the content of all 14 tracks throughout all five days. The first two days...

Tiago Simões10/14/09
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OutSystems Unveils Free Version of Agile Platform

OutSystems released a free version of the Agile Platform that allows developers to create web business applications and explore Agile techniques

Nitin Bharti09/02/09
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Houston TechFest (Sept 26) to feature Java, .NET, Agile and iPhone development

The third annual Houston TechFest will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at University of Houston's Main Campus. This free event is the largest of its kind in Texas and provides a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in information...

Justin Sargent08/31/09
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Rally adds support for Orcale JDeveloper

Rally Software Development, which offers a hosted service and onsite software for application lifecycle management for agile programming teams, is connecting its platform to Oracle's JDeveloper IDE for Java development.

Nitin Bharti08/18/09
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Agile Tour Comes to Toronto: Oct 20th

The Toronto Agile Software Development Community will host Agile Tour Toronto as a one day conference that will take place Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency on King in the heart of downtown Toronto. 

Justin Sargent07/22/09
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OpenMake Meister and Mojo 7.3 Released

OpenMake Software, provider of build automation, build management, and continuous integration software, has released OpenMake Meister and Mojo 7.3. This new release delivers optimized acceleration capabilities of the Meister build engine to improve...

Justin Sargent07/20/09
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Borland Introduces Silk 2009

Borland today unveiled Silk 2009, a comprehensive software test suite designed to support the testing needs of both Agile and traditional development teams by simplifying testing activities, increasing the speed of test execution and integrating with...

Nitin Bharti07/14/09
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Electric Cloud Adds Amazon EC2 Support

Electric Cloud, provider of software build automation and testing software, has added pre-configured Amazon EC2 support to its full product line, which includes Electric Commander, Electric Accelerator, and Electric Insight.Electric Commander, the company's...

Raj Datla07/05/09
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CASE Spec 8.7 Tool for Agile and Non-agile Projects Released with Discount Offers

Goda Software announces the release of CASE Spec 8.7 with discount offers. CASE Spec 8.7 features many enhancements, including inline data editing in grids. It also enables users to create reports with data analysis functions.

Lyndsey Clevesy05/18/09
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Reduce Your Software Developement Costs Now!

Are your software development costs breaking the bank? Click here for a solution!

Wei Ling Chen04/20/09
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#50 Scrum Refcard: How well do you know Scrum?

Scrum is an iterative, incremental software development framework commonly used with agile software development. This Refcard provides a concise overview of the structure of roles, meetings, rules and artifacts within a Scrum organization – it is...