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QuickBuild 4.0 - continuous integration and deployment server

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QuickBuild is a continuous integration and deployment server, featuring hierarchical configuration management, proof build (pre-commit build/test), build promotion pipeline, and flexible build setup. This release mainly delivers below features:
  • Customizable dashboard for users and groups to organize build information via gadgets.
  • Report aggregation to provide build metrics summary of descendant configurations.
  • Resource management for better control of build distribution and agent load.
  • Grid partition to divide grid nodes between different configuration trees.
  • User activity audit to track and review every modification to the system.
  • CollabNet TeamForge integration for user authentication, file uploading, release creation, issue linking. and issue updating.
  • Redmine integration to link QuickBuild builds with Redmine issues.
  • Google Repo integration to detect changes, check out source, and create tags against Repo.
  • Boost test integration to render test reports and display test trends.
  • Redesigned report system for improved user experience and performance.
  • RESTful API for changes, issues, and various reports.
  • Plugin API for third party issue tracker and unit test framework integration.
For detailed explanation of all features added in this release, please visit
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