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Eric Minick08/25/11
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UrbanDeploy GA Release: Deployment Automation

Bridging the Gap Between Dev and Ops Teams: UrbanCode Releases UrbanDeploy for General Availability While the debate still rages on about "What is DevOps," UrbanCode has risen above the clamor and announced the General Availability of UrbanDeploy:...

Leeann Berner08/23/11
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VersionOne Launches 6th Annual State of Agile Development Survey

Software and project management professionals around the world are invited to take part in the 6th Annual State of Agile Development Survey:

Jason Sankey08/10/11
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Pulse Continuous Integration Server 2.4 Released

Zutubi is excited to announce Pulse 2.4.5, the first stable build in the 2.4 series. Pulse 2.4 includes an array of new features including new tool support and a continued focus on UI and usability in general:

Intland Software07/21/11
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codeBeamer 5.7 Released: Integrator Workflows, Pull Requests with Git and Mercurial Behind Your Firewall

GitHub is the pioneer of social coding. GitHub focuses solely on the Git distributed version control system, but one must not forget that Git is not the only player in the Distributed Version Control area.

Patroklos Papapetrou06/29/11
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To Sonar or Not to Sonar?

To Sonar or not to Sonar?

Nicolas Frankel05/22/11
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Vaadin courses on JavaBlackBelt

For those of you who haven't heard of JavaBlackBelt, it's an e-learning community site. Once registered, users can use the site in a variety of ways:

Mitch Pronschinske05/05/11
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ThoughtWorks Studios Jez Humble and Tom Sulston To Address Key Issues In DevOpps

Presentations to outline key principles of Continuous Delivery and explain the technical practices that enable rapid incremental delivery of high quality, valuable softwareWHO:    Jez Humble ThoughtWorks Studios ( Humble is...

Wayne Middleton04/21/11
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Agile Development Practices conference & training

The next Agile Development Practice conference and training event is coming up in Las Vegas, NV USA June 5-10, 2011. Click here for more information: Agile Development Practices bring together top agile thought...

Ohad Barzilay03/29/11
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Developers survey - Productivity increase via methodological use of code examples

Hi guys! I am doing a research regarding developers productivity and methodological usage of code examples (part of my PhD in Tel Aviv University). So, if you are a developer, please take 2-3 minutes to fill this survey:...

Mitch Pronschinske02/10/11
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Jinfonet and Calpont Announce Partnership to Speed Reporting for Big Data

Jinfonet Software, a leader in Java reporting, and Calpont Corporation, a leading provider of high-performance analytic databases, announced a partnership to bring fast web query, reporting and analytic

Ezequiel Cuellar01/25/11
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Got Open Source Agile ALM? Introducing Endeavour Agile Application Lifecycle Management v1.23

AUTOMATE YOUR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Endeavour Agile Application Lifecycle Management drives the creation of large-scale enterprise system solutions by providing support for iterative and incremental software development processes with special...

Mitch Pronschinske01/24/11
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OOP 2011 in Munich - Martin Fowler and Jez Humble Present on Agile Methodologies

WHO:    Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks’ ( Chief Scientist, is an author, consultant and international speaker on software development, specializing in object-oriented analysis and design, UML, patterns and Agile software development...

Mitch Pronschinske12/16/10
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PushToTest and Jaspersoft To Solve Web Application Performance Bottlenecks

PushToTest™, the Open Source Testing (OST) company, and Jaspersoft™, the leading provider of open source Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, announced a partnership to provide web application performance testing management and root cause analysis...

Mitch Pronschinske11/30/10
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rPath and CollabNet Partner to Unify Dev and Ops for Continuous Delivery

rPath, the service factory for on-demand IT, and CollabNet®, the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (Agile ALM) in the Cloud, today announced a partnership to close the gap between development and operations. Working together, the solutions...