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10 Things You Can do to Better Lead Your Agile Team

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Jonathan Rasmusson - 10 things you can do to better lead your agile team from NDCOslo on Vimeo.

Agile leadership is different. Agile teams don’t like to be micromanaged, command and control doesn’t work, and yet how many agile projects get bad, or the wrong style of leadership applied to them? It kills projects, demotivates teams, and gives agile a bad name.

In it I will show you:

- How to create and sustain a high performing team and culture
- Three things all knowledge workers crave and how to give it to them, and
- 10 Things you can do today to better lead your agile team

By the end of the session not only will you have a framework for leadership, you’ll know what today’s knowledge worker needs to be engaged and motivated, and how to give it to them.