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Agile Manifesto Poster: Pick the best design!

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We've developed a few designs for a poster featuring the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles of Agile Software.

We'd like your help in picking the best design. Please take the (very) brief survey below to help us narrow it down.



Rick Ross replied on Tue, 2010/11/02 - 10:14am

I personally like Design #1 the best, and I like Design #3 the second best. It appears I am in the minority, with a majority favoring the exact opposite! At present, Design #3 is the favorite.

What we're thinking of doing is printing the top two designs on the front and back of a high-quality glossy cover stock in 8.5x11 inch size, so you can have this as a mini-poster to pin up someplace near your computer. By printing both of the top two designs, we think we can satisfy the largest number of people choose.

How does this seem to you?

Hantsy Bai replied on Wed, 2010/11/03 - 12:07am

Where to download the poster....

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2010/11/03 - 11:32am in response to: Hantsy Bai

It will be available very soon...  :)

Jon Archer replied on Thu, 2010/11/04 - 8:45am

I guess I'm with the herd too., favoring #3, then #2, then #1.

I like design #3 because a) color is involved, b) the typeface and size of "The AGILE Manifesto" is large enough to stand out allowing instant recognition of *what* the poster is. The bubbles are a nice visual design element that adds interest but I don't know if, personally, I'd have 'em all bunched up like that.

I dislike #1 because it's just a bit too subtle for a poster. It's practically monochrome and the design just leaves my eyes and brain bored. The title, although large, doesn't (for me) jump and, it's almost hidden in a sea of rather bland looking text (heh, sorry...)

I would actually pick #2 as potentially best *if* the text for the title (The AGILE Manifesto) stood out better and/or was bigger.

Jared Richardson replied on Thu, 2010/11/04 - 4:30pm

I like the color of poster 3, but posters 2 and 3 emphasize the principles over the manifesto itself. I really like how poster 1 puts the manifesto right up top.

David Yancey replied on Thu, 2010/11/04 - 4:35pm

I like the color and dynamics of #3.  However I think #1 places the right amount of emphasis on the manifesto.  If #1 had more color it would be better.

Bart Van Den Berg replied on Thu, 2011/05/05 - 6:15am in response to: Mitch Pronschinske


Is the Agile Manifesto Poster project still alive ? :)



Tejaskumar Dave replied on Wed, 2011/09/14 - 1:48pm

Where can I download the poster ?

Jon Mason replied on Thu, 2011/11/10 - 3:45pm

Is this project still alive? I found some posters over at that are free for download, or purchasable if you want the larger size. 

Can I download or order the ones above yet?


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