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Changes to Scrum

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Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the original guys who came up with the whole concept of Scrum back in about 1995 have recently posted a video on the interwebs, explaining some changes to the scrum model based on their experiences over the last few years. The video can be found here.

If you don’t have the time to watch the video, here’s my summary of the bits I found most interesting:

1. We should do more prep before our sprint planning, so that all stories are sufficiently prepared before the sprint planning session. This has come about because many sprint planning sessions take many hours. They have suggested having a “ready” status for backlog items that are ready to be discussed in the planning session.

2. We should always have a sprint goal, and during our daily stand-ups we should talk about how we are helping the team progress towards our sprint goal

3. We should talk about “value” in our sprint reviews. With hindsight, did we deliver as much value as we could have? If not, what could we do next time to ensure we deliver greater value?

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Luka Matovic replied on Mon, 2014/07/28 - 1:24am

I couldn't agree more. At my current company, we've adopted a pre-sprint planning  work flow. When the end of the sprint approaches, the PM has some user stories prepared in a backlog. Scrum master sends an email with a link to a google spreadsheet doc, containing listed user stories ready to be discussed. Then all developers, back and frontenders, testers read for them-selves those USs and write down questions about things not so nicely described, things they didn't understand or just some advice to the PM. After that pm goes through all these questions and tries to answer them and clarify the situation in a user story. This causes that when we all come to a sprint planning there are no more (or very little) things to discuss about requirements in the US. Symptomatic is that (in our case) all 6 of us ask 80% of the same questions :) Good thing to notice after few sprints planned like  this is that PMs now see what is important to us, developers and can focus on defining those things more clearly.

Luka Matovic

Senior Java Developer

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