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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/13/13)

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If You Steal Our Work, We'll Just Share The Source 
After a customer was able to get their money back for an application using a credit card law loophole, the company who made the app for them decided to open source the code.  Apptopia wins my "Payback's a bitch" award of the week.

An MIHTool That Will Change Your Life 
This complete Web Inspector for iOS that comes with performance profiling was recommended by Addy Osmani, so I'm assuming it's pretty great… because Addy is a beast.

Freezing coffee in ice cube trays to make undiluted iced coffee will also change your life...

The Big JavaScript Compatibility Chart
If you haven't found this already and bookmarked it, do so.  I wish there were more charts like this in the world.

Running a Startup? Think Like a 5-Year Old.
Well, I've got that covered.


JavaFX for iOS and Android on the Way
Looks like Oracle wants to take JavaFX mobile.  The first pieces of this project should be out next week.

WebSphere Dev Team Does an AMA
This should be pretty interesting to enterprise developers even if you don't currently use WebSphere.


Make Your Own XKCD-Style Comics via JavaScript Utility
This is so amazing.  And you can still do some basic editing even if you don't know JavaScript.  The editor only works in Chrome and Safari though.

Don't Let Your Kids Know About This Post