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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/7/13)

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It's Better to Have Someone Else Copyedit Text, and It's Better to Have Others Test Your Code  
Andrew Wulf shares wisdom about testing - it's not programming.  Having developers test their own code to try and be more efficient is a recipe for disaster.

Etsy Grew Their Female Engineer Workforce 500% in One Year  
Etsy's doing a great job at building a strong, diverse workforce.  Here's how they did it, and why you should make hiring women a priority too.

Modern.IE, to Reduce Browser Compatibility-Related Murders 
I figured I'd share this since no matter how many times IE tries to modernize, it always retains some of its quirks.


RubyMine 5 Makes Friends with Puppet and CoffeeScript 
Anyone doing serious Ruby development really ought to consider getting JetBrains' RubyMine.  This latest version added support for Puppet, a CoffeeScript Debugger, Ruby 2.0 syntax and debugging, TextMate bundle imports, and plenty more.  That's not including the make-your-life-easier features that have always been a part of the tool.

Topaz: A New Ruby
An interesting new project emerged today - a new implementation of Ruby.  It builds on RPython and the work of the PyPy developers.

Play Framework 2.1 Launched   
The major new feature of Play 2.1 is Scala 2.10 support, just a month or two after the language went GA.  Also, Play itself has been modularized.  Check out all the features.  They're pretty great.

Why You Might Want RxJava from Netflix   
Straight from the streaming pros at Netflix, RxJava is a library that lets you code asynchronous and event-based programs for the JVM using observable sequences.


Death Star Kickstarter Launched   
That's no moon…. That's a kickstarter.

Salesforce CEO Zings Microsoft