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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 16)

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Your First Chance to See Java 8
Last week, Oracle released the first developer preview for Java 8.  The link is to Mark Reinhold’s blog; he is always very thorough in his explanations about new releases. The highlights of Java 8 that you’ll want to check out include Project Lambda, the Nashorn JavaScript engine and a new Date and Time API.

I think this new project called “Wit” is a brilliant startup.  I can think of tons of apps that would benefit from having a plug-and-play natural language processing, Siri-like component.

Spark: A Sinatra-Inspired Java Framework
Java can definitely benefit from having a web framework like this.  It could potentially bring in the crowd of developers that started with languages like Ruby, Python or PHP.

Crowd-Funding Begins for 2nd Ed. of “Eloquent JavaScript”
Eloquent JavaScript, a freely available resources that is often cited as one of the most definitive JavaScript resources, is hopefully getting a reboot since its 2007 debut.  The project will be crowd-funded, so make your donation if you want to see this book revamped for the modern era.

Dungeons & Developers
Although the artwork is really cool, the main value of this project is the step-by-step tutorial links for developing your web building skills.


10 Lessons From GitHub’s First Year - Translated For Today
A post on High Scalability revisits GitHub Co-founder, Tim Preston-Werner’s 2008 post about the 10 lessons learned in the company’s first year.

Technical Debt - Long Hours and the Myth of Productivity
This post looks at why you should avoid technical debt furiously, stop worrying about hours and work smarter, not longer, even with deadlines looming.

Code Reviews Can be About Improving Ourselves, Not Our Code
Here’s a blog post from one company that does code reviews like 12-step meetings.  It’s not about improving the code for one project, it’s about improving the developer for the long run. vs. Regular Virtual Machines

Since has pretty much gone viral in the development community, let’s take a look at an importan question about it that was answered earlier this year on SO.


Programming-Themed Cocktails

In honor of Programmer’s day, which was on Sept. 13th, these MIT folks created cocktails with names like “Ruby,” “Python” and “Memory Leak.”

The NSA Hiring Flowchart
Are you NSA material?  Find out by asking yourself that questions in this flowchart.


Valve Encourages Sharing in Cloud Gaming Platform

A new “Family Sharing” feature was announced for Valve’s Steam gaming platform.  I imagine this will bring a lot more supporters to Valve's camp after Xbox’s new console introduced features that were made to stop sharing.

How Many People Want to Settle on Mars, Permanently?
More than 200,000.  That’s how many people applied for the Mars One mission.  Looks like a lot of people are very inspired by the Mars One idea, or maybe they just don’t want to live on this planet anymore.