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Jim and Jo Go Pairing

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Jim has 15 years experience Jo has 2, they are pair programming but neither are very happy. Jim is frustrated with having to explain himself, he is impatient to get the job done. It degenerates into Jim dictating code to Jo. Jo is disheartened and wonders if how he will ever learn to “keep up”. Whilst Jim feels a bit guilty about not taking the time to help Jo learn, he is getting a kick from flexing his mental muscles in front of Jo. They are no longer thinking, the code is dreadful. They are not treating each other as equals.

Jim has 15 years experience Jo has 2, they are pair programming and are loving it. Jo is asking Jim interesting question which are helping him revaluate the way he looks at the code. As Jim explains his thinking he sees the flaws in his logic. When Jo is driving Jim asks questions that help them both discover better ways. They are both thinking and learning from each other, the code is continually improving. They treat each other with respect and listen to each other carefully. They are treating each other as equals.

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