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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/17)

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An Innovative New Sales Strategy: More Puppies!
These guys ran an A/B test to see if a picture of a puppy increased clicks. Turns out, it more than doubled clickthroughs.

Please buy this software or they won't feed me...

The Dinosaurs Walk Among Us... I’m Talking About Legacy Systems
Hear the story of the chemical filters company that still uses punch cards and the story of the warehouse that uses Apple IIe’s.  Or maybe you’re more interested in US fighter jets, missiles and radar that still use systems from the 80s because they say upgrading would jeopardize national security.  *facepalm*


What’s Your Heart-Rate?  Ask Python.
This Python program can read your heart-rate with nothing but your webcam!

A Corporate Espionage Game Written in QBasic Makes it Onto Steam
And this “isometric corporate sabotage and infiltration game” coming to Steam is written entirely in QBASIC. I don’t know which of these two programs is more hardcore.

Anonymous raises $54k for their new news site
Anon News raised a bunch of money through indiegogo to fund a new, dedicated news site.


Another Mac Terminal Easter Egg: A Text Adventure Game!
Here’s the command to start it up:  emacs -batch -l dunnet
I still can’t figure out what to do with that darn shovel!