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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 13)

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Why DRM in HTML5 is a Good Thing
See why Ars Technica thinks that the W3C’s new DRM framework will empower the open web.

I Love Being a Geek
Swizec Teller is at peace with his geekiness, and in this post he details why that he actually loves being a geek.

How Twitter Rebuilt Google's Secret Weapon
A former Google engineer discusses how he has worked to recreate Borg, the software system that orchestrates Google's data center empire.

Benchmarking Dart vs. Java
This author ported the benchmark_harness Dart package into Java and ran it against the latest Java 7 and Java 8 JDKs.


iOS 7 Concept Design Looks Like iOS 6 and Metro Made a Baby
A digital agency came up with it’s own vision for the next iOS 7.  Nothing in it is very original, it just looks like iOS with flat UI styling and some Windows Phone Metro fonts thrown in there.  (Yes, I can still call it “Metro” if I want to!  You know what I mean!)

3D Printing Goes to Washington
The White House is getting into the 3D printing business, or at least taking the technology seriously, announcing a $200 million USD public-private venture, with much of the initiative falling under the aegis of the Department of Defense.


7 Tips on Minion Management
Are you a bad manager with a bunch of code monkey underlings that you have to boss around? Here are some tips and tricks!