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Scrum Gallery

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I stopped using powerpoint slides in my Scrum workshops in 2008, shortly after I had created a deck I was especially happy with—a very visual deck. Rather than discarding the slides I printed them out on card and since then have used these to cover the walls of the training room, creating a “Scrum Walkthrough”. The participants use this as a point of reference throughout the training, and it creates talking points during the breaks. I’m in the process of updating this set, to better reflect my current thinking, but for now they are still active.

I recently uploaded the slides to Google docs; they are uncopyrighted, open source, and free for anyone to download and use. Feel free to use the source files as you will, and add, remove and edit to suit your own training. I would prefer you do not add your corporate name, logo, or other identifying mark to the slides, but if this feels important to you, please talk with me first. A .pdf is also available.

Scrum Gallery.key | Scrum Gallery.ppt | Scrum Gallery.pdf

Please tweet, or otherwise share this post so others can find and access these files. And please share your own version of this deck with the community.

Update: Stefan Roock has created versions of the .ppt and .key files with white backgrounds. They have less impact but will save you a lot of time and cost if you are printing the slides.

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