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Scrum at Microsoft

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Everybody knows the 3 essential questions.... lets go well beyond that.
See the TFS Agile Team do a Daily Scrum

What did they do right? ...and wrong? What do you do better?

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Based on tips from the SSW Rule: Do you have daily stand-up meetings (aka a Scrum)?


Ian Mitchell replied on Tue, 2013/06/11 - 8:59am

Thanks for posting this...I'm sure many have wondered how Microsoft implements agile practices, especially as regards the development of tools in that space such as TFS.

The commentary is good. I especially like the observation that the PO should not have unilaterally decided to remove an item from the Sprint Backlog. The team wholly own their Sprint Backlog and nothing can be removed without their say-so. However, we should also point out the reason for this, which is the commitment that a team has made to the Sprint Goal. What happens to that goal if an item is removed mid-Sprint?

In this case, the consequences of removing the item for the Sprint Goal were left unclear, nor was there much evidence of team ownership of the tasks that contribute towards it. This implies that the goal might be weak, that the Sprint Backlog may consist of uncorrelated requirements, and that the value potential in releasing an increment might be rather low. However, the fact that the team "eats its own dog food" (i.e. uses its own products) is a good thing, and may help to offset these problems somewhat.

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