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TargetProcess 2.24: Relations Network, new Visual Reports, and more.

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We are excited to announce a new major spring 2013 release!

TargetProcess 2.24.0 includes quite a few small and big improvements. Check what we’ve done to help you work better, faster, more comfortably.

10x faster search

We’re close to less than 1 sec search time, but this new search is not only fast. The search results look nicer now, and you can open them both in new tabs and as a pop-up.

Read more  about the new fast search in our Help portal.

Relations and Relations Network Diagram

Quite often one piece of work is “informally” tied to another piece of work. For example, the core team is working on an API, and the other teams are dependent on the core team’s progress. Keeping such informal dependencies in your head can be tiresome…

Starting from 2.24 you can track such informal dependencies right in TargetProcess as Relations!

Relations Network Diagram represents a network of related entities:

Relations can be created for any entity (i.e., user story, task, bug, etc.), and they can be of great help when planning or prioritizing. Be sure to check the article about Relations in TargetProcess Help Portal. It has more screens, and explains how Relations are helpful in planning and progress tracking.

New Visual Reports:Process Control Chart and Lead and Cycle Time Distribution Report

The Process Control Chart shows cycle time distribution for completed entities (user stories, features, bugs, tasks, requests) within a certain time frame. Check the screen below. If you see user stories between the warning limit and the control limit lines, this is suspicious. If a user story goes beyond the control limit line, this is really a bad thing, and you should investigate why it took so many days to complete. These limits are calculated statistically; they depend on the overall distribution of stories in the chart.

You can find a comprehensive description of the Process Control Chart here. It includes more screenshots and some examples on how the chart can be used.

Note the new powerful filters. You’ll see more of them later. They can now be used to filter out the entities in the Relations Network Diagram and in the new visual reports.

While the Process Control Chart quickly spots the entities that took too long to get done, the Lead and Cycle Time Distribution report helps you make realistic forecasts. You can filter out any entities, just as in the Process Control Chart:

Read more about Lead and Cycle Time Distribution Chart.

Improved Views

There’s a bunch of nice improvements to the views: quick convert (all the properties are kept intact for the converted entities), assign 2+ people, switch project quickly in the Info box for an assignment, auto-convert URLs to clickable links.

Besides, starting from TargetProcess 2.24 you can add up to 60 custom fields to any entity.

New History REST API

Check out the  new History API in TargetProcess REST API.
The new API will track state changes for Bugs, Feature, Impediments, Requests, Tasks and User Stories.

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