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Unseating Bad Habits With 1 Month of Chef

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What a difference a month makes with one new tool.  For Bryan Berry, the author of DevOpsAnywhere, it fundamentally changed the way he views system administration.  He does an excellent debriefing of his first month using the open source infrastructure configuration tool known as Chef, covering interesting observations on:

  • The learning curve
  • Cookbooks
  • What to do with it
  • His best practices
  • Selling it to your team
  • and the Chef community

He also has a wishlist for changes around Chef that he believes would help it achieve "world domination":


  • Clear guidelines on how to collaborate on cookbooks and on how to push changes upstream to opscode/cookbooks (something which jtimberman is already working on)
  • Lower Memory Usage. Chef can really, really be a memory hog when you have several hundred nodes
  • Better support for Enterprise Linux, both in core chef and the cookbooks
  • A few weeks ago I would have said better documentation but they have already made huge strides in this regard
  • A stronger connection to the FOSS community worldwide

    -- Bryan Berry

If you need some quick instructions to get started experimenting with Chef, check out DZone's Chef Refcard!
It's 6 rarefied pages of DevOps awesomeness.