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Weekly Poll: In a World where Java was no more. . .

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Java is the bread and butter of many programmers on DZone. We don't think that a bakery strike would lead to mass starvation, though. We'd find something else to eat. The question for this week is, if the bakeries were all gone, what would you eat?

Or, in plainer terms, In a World where Java was no more, what programming language would you use for your everyday programming tasks? I know that we each select the language that is the best fit for the project at hand. I know that the average DZone developer knows roughly 5 programming languages, in most cases for that very purpose. What we're all wondering is... what would be your go-to language for your particular everyday programming needs?

As always, you can review the results instantly after you complete the poll.

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Karl Peterbauer replied on Mon, 2012/10/15 - 7:13am

In a world without Java, there would be no Groovy, Scala or Clojure either...

Bill Armstrong replied on Mon, 2012/10/15 - 8:57am in response to: Karl Peterbauer

I thought about the potential confusion for that when creating that title, but I feel that the poll itself makes it clear that it wants to know what you would use if Java were unavailable. I was not wishing for us to imagine an alternate world where Dr. Gosling never learned to program or anything. I'm sorry for the confusion. I think I'll modify the post to make that more clear.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Mon, 2012/10/15 - 8:57am in response to: Karl Peterbauer

Maybe in a follow up survey we'll see what people would choose without the JVM languages either.  For this one we just wanted to see 'what you would use besides java'.  So the intro may be a little misleading in that respect.

Howard Lewis Ship replied on Tue, 2012/10/16 - 2:06pm

My vote is for Clojure.


However, without the JVM in the picture, the next thing is, strangely, JavaScript.  Perhaps even with the JVM in the picture!

Julian Warszawski replied on Tue, 2012/10/16 - 3:26am

Scala. Seriously?

Bill Armstrong replied on Tue, 2012/10/16 - 9:03am

I haven't picked it up yet, though it is on my to-do list, but I would personally go for Scala. You have OO programming, functional programming, and static typing. Plus, there's something C-like about the syntax, which I'm intrigued by. I suppose, though, that what we use is in part dictated by what we most often work on. Much of my programming has been coding games, so I tend to favor languages that support that well.

Side note: This week's Refcard is on Scala. If you've been meaning to learn it and never have, it's a good time to start. Jesper did a great job on it.

Ryan Developer replied on Sun, 2012/11/04 - 9:51am

 I'd consider focusing on C/C++, JavaScript and one other language for web stuff (unsure which)

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