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What's the Best Development Resource You've Ever Found?

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Most days we just read individual tutorials to solve specific problems, or we head over to Stack Overflow if you have a really specific question. 

But then there are some resources we find that we bookmark and we reference again and again when learning a new topic, or developing for an entire ecosystem.  Some of these resources are really remarkable in the amount of great information they provide and other resources that they aggregate.  DZone Refcardz are the first example that comes to mind for me.

What are some of the best developer resources you've ever found? 

Share as many resources as you like in the comments!  Don't include software documentation.  That's a question we can ask at another time.


Steven Hatfield replied on Tue, 2013/10/15 - 2:10pm

Google. If I have a question, someone else has probably answered it and Google has indexed it. Standing on the shoulders of others (it not giants) has never been easier.

Doug Slavens replied on Tue, 2013/10/15 - 9:13pm

The Apache Software Foundation. The advent of Open Source software really changed everything. 

Rok Končina replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 2:36am

Lars Vogels blog full of Java and Android tutorials. I read from it every time I start working on a new functionality. And it contains almost every topic I'm interested in.

Lukas Eder replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 2:30am

I actually don't think that Stack Overflow is primarily useful for really specific questions. I've learned so much just by browsing popular or interesting questions, or by checking up on what brilliant guys like Bill KarwinErwin BrandstetterJustin Cave and many others have been answering, recently.

So I'd say that Stack Overflow is my single best developer resource that I've ever found...

Charalampos Pap... replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 5:24am

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 7:47am in response to: Rok Končina

 @Rok, Lars' site is amazing.  We all know about Google, Apache, SO, HN and DZone, but I'm also wondering if anyone knows about any great resources that are less well-known.  Here are some that I can think of off the top of my head:

Node.js Linksheet
Rails Toolbox
HTML5 Rocks
AngularJS Tutorial: Learn to Build Modern Web Apps
Responsive Web Design

Luca Cavagnoli replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 9:13am

roseindia (jk ;)

Really, rocks!

Troy Miles replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 9:52am

I know GitHub is thought mainly as a place to store code, but all that source code also makes it a great developer resource. You can search both repos and gists for keywords. The site is awesome.

Amy Schultz replied on Wed, 2013/10/16 - 3:35pm

I've been using this outline to learn JavaScript and found it very helpful to have a plan:


Erik Westra replied on Thu, 2013/10/17 - 1:28am

Clean coders 

Mihai Dinca - P... replied on Thu, 2013/10/17 - 7:21am

There is no "best" development resource. You search on google if you have no clue about something. And if you want to really learn something, you should read books. A lot! A really good book can be read again and again. We cannot keep everything in our memory, so re-reading after some time is a very good practice. Happy reading!

Michael Kebe replied on Thu, 2013/10/17 - 1:20pm

Great resource about refactoring and anti patterns. 

Raging Infernoz replied on Sat, 2013/11/09 - 3:04pm in response to: Erik Westra

Clean Coders appears to be just pay for 'Lean' videos, with a bloke dressed odd, with no obvious samples, so not interested.

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