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Daily Dose: Google Chrome Pwned

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After withstanding several hacking attempts, Google Chrome's sandbox has been compromised. The VUPEN Security team officially announced their accomplishment on their website. A video accompanying the announcement shows the hack in progress, but fails to indicate which underlying vulnerabilities were exploited.  

According to the VUPEN Security blog, these key vulnerabilities will be shared with VUPEN Security's "government customers."

Data Stax' Brisk Is Open!

After months of buildup, DataStax has announced the release of Brisk, an open-source Hadoop distribution powered by Apache Cassandra. According to the DataStax press release, Brisk offers the following:

"a single platform containing a low-latency database for extremely high-volume web and real-time applications, while providing tightly coupled Hadoop and Hive analytics."

Cassandra's support for multi-center data replication allows for automatic synchronous or asynchronous replication of data between data centers. Best of all, the new release of Brisk is open-source and available for download here.

MuleSoft Releases MuleStudio: An ESB Graphical Design Tool

MuleSoft has announced the release of MuleStudio, the first Eclipse-based graphical design tool featuring round-trip editing. This new feature is made possible by the flow-based architecture employed by Mule's enterprise service bus (ESB). A screenshot provided by the MuleStudio development team highlights the various functions available in MuleStudio:

MuleStudio also includes complete cloud integration, one-click deployment, and the option of creating Mule Flows in both Mule Studio, XML or both. You can download the MuleStudio beta here.

New Release Candidate For Linux Mint 11

Nicknamed "Katya", the new release candidate for Linux Mint 11 is now available for download.  Based on the Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" release, Katya features a GNOME 2.32 desktop environment.  Users who prefer the traditional Linux Mint desktop have the option of maintaing the original look. Faster updates and other user interface improvements (including an enhanced software manager) are nearly ready for mainstream release.

A Free Clean Minimal Dropdown GUI Settings Menu

Here's a nice freebie that's drawn a lot of DZone traffic. Thanks to Daryl Ginn for the link. 

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