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Daily Dose: HTML5 Editor Maqetta Simplifies Implementation of New Standards

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Using Maqetta, IBM's open-source WYSIWIG editor, developers can now easily and cheaply incorporate HTML5 into their user interfaces for mobile and desktop devices.  Also included with Maqetta is a Drag&Drop UI for mobile devices.  Accurate silhouettes of a variety of popular mobile devices make it easy to create detailed product layouts.  Projects can be edited in design mode and in source mode simultaneously. Team collaboration is encouraged by a new feature that allows developers to submit a UI to their team for discussion.

Cloud Extend Brings More SaaS to hopes to "extend the cloud," with a new line of SaaS applications for business owners. Cloud Extend will help customers maximize their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  Several guides are included with Cloud Extend to help sales managers in areas like "sales qualification" and "lead nurturing." Active Endpoints, the startup behind Cloud Extend, will expand their efforts to target other SaaS applications in the coming months. Possible candidates include NetSuite, Workday, and RightNow.

Firefox's Aurora Keeps Developers Ahead of the Curve

Aurora, Firefox's new 'dev' channel, has been launched.  Following the announcement of their new rapid release cycle, Firefox has instituted a means by which developers can easily participate in the development process.  Using the Aurora dev channel, developers can test new features being added to the browser.  Here's a screenshot of the Aurora launch screen:

Mozilla will assign badges to each new feature released.  These indicate the development phase: 


 Firefox 5 will be the first version of the popular browser to include an Aurora channel release component.

New Groovy Refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA 10.5

In an announcement on the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog, the IntelliJ IDEA team describes two new Groovy refactorings that will be included in the version 10.5 of the popular IDE. 

Here are the two refactorings with descriptions quoted from the original JetBrains blog post:

1. Introduce Paramater:
"allows you to select any expression inside a method and make from it a new method parameter. All the usages of the method in both Groovy and Java will be auto-updated."

2. Introduce Field:

"provides you with an ability to quickly create a new field from any expression inside a class."

These are intended to compliment the current Introduce Constant and Introduce Variable refactorings included in the older version of IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.

Windows Phone Mango, Kinect Beta SDK for Windows and Silverlight 5 Announced

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