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Daily Dose: Java and the Judge

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The judge in the Oracle-Google case doesn't know what a class is. Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court will soon be hearing Oracle's case against open-source giant Google.  On April 6th, lawyers from both Google and Oracle met with the judge to give him a crash course in Java.  According to Computer World, Alsup's knowledge of computer technology wasn't completely sub-par:

The judge showed at least an elementary understanding of computers. At one point an attorney for Google, Scott Weingaertner, described how a typical computer is made up of applications, an OS and the hardware underneath. "I understand that much," Alsup said, asking him to move on.

Cases like the Oracle-Java case, are routinely brought before judges who have little to no native understanding of the subject matter begin presented.  While Judge Alsup's Markman hearing has been deemed a success, it gives cause to question whether a non-tech savvy individual is qualified to rule on battles between tech giants.

New Twist For ThoughtWorks Studios

Twist 2.2, a product that facilitates the creation of test automation frameworks, has been updated for larger, more advanced test suites.  Using Mingle (Agile project management) and Go (Agile release management) methodologies, Twist 2.2 helps developers keep projects on track using feedback from Agile testing.  New functions performed by Twist 2.2 include the ability to analyze test suites/identify patterns of test steps within a process, organize tests with saved tag combinations, and record multiple steps. You can get a free 30 day trial of Twist 2.2 here.

C# for Android

With Mono for Android, open source fans can now create apps in C# and .NET for Android using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. This version of Mono relies upon the same technology used to create MonoTouch, and iPhone development platform.   Best of all, developers can use pre-existing libraries and code built in .NET.  

Indigo Returns to a Focus on Java 

During the past few years, Eclipse has focused their efforts on PHP/AJAX development, often to the exclusion of  their Java development endeavors.  That's about to change.  Eclipse 3.7, codenamed Indigo, has spawned a large number of projects that return Java to the forefront of the Eclipse universe.  Early users of the Eclipse 3.7 lineup will enjoy access to Java 7's new features.  The new series of Eclipse releases are due out on June 22nd, 2011.

Talking about Akka, Scala and life with Jonas Bonér

In this podcast, Justin and Craig have the privilege of speaking with Jonas Bonér about Scala and Akka.  Nice link, Craig Tataryn!


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Mark Unknown replied on Fri, 2011/04/08 - 8:20am

"Indigo Returns Java to Eclipse" - Links to info to support this?

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