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Daily Dose - Milestone 2 of NetBeans 7.0 (Formerly 6.10) Released

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If you haven't heard already, you should know that in the middle of NetBeans 6.10 development, the name changed to NetBeans 7.0 to align with the upcoming JDK version.  The newly released milestone 2 adds qualifier auto-creation and contextual menus for CDI.  The expression language adds support for HTML5 editing, refactoring, error checking, JSF components suites, and bundled resources.  The final release of NetBeans 7.0 is slated for March 2011.

Collabnet Acquires Codesion
ALM platform company Collabnet is announcing its acquisition of Codesion this week.  Codesion is known for providing enterprise SaaS offerings of Subversion, Git, and other version control systems.  While Collabnet certainly has an impressive body of work related to Subversion, they are very interested in Codesion's technology for helping developers connect, code, and deploy in the cloud.

Hibernate Search Migrates to Lucene 3.0 - Help Test!
Hibernate Search 3.3 Beta 2 was released this week with consolidated features.  The biggest new feature in 3.3 is the move to Lucene 3.0 for search.  The analyzer framework has also been improved to support Lucene 3.0 related changes.  Support for Hibernate Core 3.6 has been added as well.

Ivy 2.2 Tightens Maven 2 Compatibility
Ivy comes with more pom feature coverage in the 2.2 release this week.  A new parent mechanism was added for Ivy files along with automatic PGP signature generation when uploading artifacts.  When publishing artifacts, Ivy 2.2 now generates OpenPGP compatible ASCII armored detached signatures.

Top 9 of 97 Things every programmer should know
A commentary on the O'reilly, "97 Things every programmer should know" book. 
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Deepesh Shah replied on Wed, 2010/10/20 - 3:10pm

I believe title mismatch: it should be (formerly 6.10) instead of (formerly 6.9)

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