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Daily Dose: Sweet Looking Windows Phone 'Mango' Demo!

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Microsoft unveiled some shiny new business features for the 'Mango' version of the Windows Phone.  Using the new features, users can sync several key Microsoft services, including Lync and Office 365, with Windows. Other new features include:
  • Pinnable e-folders
  • Server Search
  • Support for complex passwords
  • Support for Hidden SSID
Watch this video to see the Windows Phone 7.5 in action:


Chrome OS 12 Beta

On the second day of Google I/O, developers unveiled the much-anticipated Chrome OS 12 Beta.  For those who haven't been paying attention, the Google Chrome OS is designed to run on the pay-as-you-go, Chromebook concept Google intends to launch later this year. According to the recently-updated Chrome OS beta channel, Chrome 12 will essentially look like a souped-up version of the Chrome 12 browser. Google will begin accepting orders for Chromebooks on June 15th of this year.

Faster CUBRID 8.4.0

The official CUBRID blog has announced the release of CUBRID 8.4.0.  This version of CUBRID, an open source relational database management system, boasts a database engine that performs at nearly twice the speed of the original engine. CUBRID developers claim that certain engine functions have seen a three-fold increase in overall speed. A detailed blog post covering the latest enhancements can be found here.    

The End of the Line for Firefox 3.5?

Outdated Browser = Bad Press

Without a doubt, Microsoft's infamous IE 6 failure proves the validity of this statement. Determined to showcase their best and brightest browser wherever possible, Mozilla has begun to hasten the demise of Firefox 3.5. Users of the older browser are regularly prompted to update to Firefox 4.  Despite their best efforts over the past few weeks, nearly 12 million people are still using Firefox 3.5. Keeping current is only one reason to switch to the newer version of the browser. By ending support for version 3.5, Mozilla hopes to work past a persistent bug that appeared in that particular release.

Scala Books

A list of Scala books with descriptions. Simple and straightforward! Thanks for the link!
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Jonathan Fisher replied on Tue, 2011/05/17 - 9:41am

Chromebook is pay as you go for Business/Education institutions... What about for John Doe individual?

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