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Olga Kouzina01/22/13
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Retrospectives, Part 1: In Your Own Sweet Way

I’d like to focus on some heuristic essentials for a team to be self-sufficient with their retrospectives. I will still mention some of the techniques, questioning their practical value in a team-specific context.

Esther Derby 01/22/13
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Best at Argument != Best Ideas

If you don’t have at least three ideas, you don’t have enough ideas, and you probably don’t understand the problem. You may end up with deciding the first idea that came up is the best one…but you may not, or you may refine the first idea based on further discussion.

Martin Fowler01/22/13
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Martin Fowler on Rigorous Agile

I often run into a complaint that agile methods don't have a rigorous definition. The complainer may talk about how this means that you can't tell if a particular team is using an agile method or not. They may also say that this makes it hard to teach people how to do agile methods - what's the curriculum?

Mahesh Singh01/22/13
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7 Smart New Year ALM Resolutions for CIOs and Senior IT Execs

While Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has become a topic of great discussion for middle-management, especially in Development organizations, it has largely remained a discussion on application/ software development and tool-chains.

Bob Hartman01/22/13
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Agile Methodologies: Build Driven Deployment – The Hot new craze coming to a development team near you

One of the attendees of Bob Hartman's workshop had the patience required of a good ScrumMaster and the result was worthwhile. Here is his story...

Swizec Teller01/21/13
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Project Soundtracks – How I Killed Procrastination

About two months ago I decided to take the concept of training myself in a mad Pavlovian experiment even further. What if I could program myself not only to feel an irresistible urge to work, but an irresistible urge to work on a specific project?

Anders Abel01/21/13
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The Project Counter-Sabotage Handbook

To successfully counter any sabotage attempts you need to know your enemy. You definitely have to know what behaviour you want to counter.

Venkatesh Kris...01/21/13
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6 Backlog Prioritization Techniques

There are several ways to prioritize the requirements in the backlog. Some of the most popular ones include these six techniques

David Bland01/21/13
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Candy Driven Development

New research leads me to believe that we may be collectively suffering from ego depletion. Initially it sounds far fetched, until you think about all of the decisions you make throughout a work day and how they correlate with your sugar intake.

Tom Howlett01/20/13
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An Evolutionary Approach to Implementing XP

A wholesale methodology such as XP is at odds with Kanban’s evolutionary approach. Kanban gives us the tools to discover what’s impeding our process, where as XP prescribes an alternative. But I believe that for me, XP has been an evolutionary change.

Steve Rogalsky01/20/13
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Agile Documentation – Part II: Guiding Questions

In this post I will list some additional guiding questions that I have found helpful when deciding on the level of documentation to include in a project.

Esther Derby 01/19/13
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Norms, Values, Working Agreements, Simple Rules

Teams build up a pattern of interaction and implicit understandings of what people can do, should do, should not do, must and must not do in various situations. It’s part of being in group of humans. Often, the patterns form without much thinking about the implications.

Steve Rogalsky01/19/13
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Agile Documentation - Part I

After spending much of their career perfecting their communication skills through MS Word, Visio and MS Project, it is natural for IT pros to wonder how projects can be successful without significant investment in documentation.

Esther Derby 01/18/13
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Resources Don’t Write Software. People Do.

Sometimes, when I hear people talking about “resources,” I ask if they mean people. Usually, they agree that they are talking about people, but the responses fall into two categories.

Michael Sahota01/18/13
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Landscape of Sustainable Engineering Practices

I want to share an infographic and related narrative that has really helped people emotionally connect with the importance and challenges of sustainable software development practices.