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Mitch Pronschinske02/12/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/12/13)

More security woes for Ruby on Rails and a new core API server for Chef, made with Erlang. Plus Memcache on SSD and DNS art.

Martin Harris02/12/13
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6 Tips for Good Scrum

If you are doing these, then you're doing very well at Scrum indeed, and are likely to get better over time.

Kane Mar02/11/13
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Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum and XP

This is the second excerpt from Scrum101, the free intensive online introduction to Scrum, which I introduced several weeks ago. In this second except, I’d like to share the most popular Scrum 101 lesson at the moment.

Johanna Rothman02/11/13
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How Do You Like Multitasking Among Several Projects?

Whether you’ve been Agile for a while or still thinking about it, you have one thing in common with all other software teams. You have too much work to do. One of the valuable aspects of moving to an Agile approach for projects is the choices you have in managing the portfolio.

Johannes Brodwall02/11/13
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Better Scrum Sprint Planning – Look to the Demo

Agile methods emphasize “adapting to change over following a plan”. The same holds true for a demo script. The purpose of the script is not to create a perfect plan (which is of limited value), but to get a clear picture of what we need to create and how we will demonstrate that this we have indeed delivered real value.

Mitch Pronschinske02/11/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/11/13)

IoC Containers are considered harmful to this lead developer. And Windows 9 predictions are already out there. Plus the top 10 open source rookies from 2012 and 20 free Scrum project management tools.

Johanna Rothman02/10/13
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Geographically Distributed Agile Teams Have Choices for Their Lifecycles

Scrum is often not the best approach to geographically distributed agile. That does not mean the distributed team should not go agile. It just means they shouldn't use scrum.

Esther Derby 02/10/13
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Team Trap #1: Messing with the Membership

Some organizations assign people who in between projects (or managers) to what ever team seems (operative word “seems”) to need more staff. If you care about getting work done, don’t mess with team membership.

Esther Derby 02/09/13
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The 0th Trap of Teams

The zeroeth trap of teams is calling any old group of people a team and then expecting teamwork and collaboration.

Johanna Rothman02/09/13
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Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 3

Here's another example of distributed teams that shows how helpful a Kanban board can be. It lets you know, for example, if the developers are producing more than the testers can handle.

Mitch Pronschinske02/08/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/8/13)

An article by a Cornell professor sparks a debate about MongoDB's fault-tolerance, and we get to see how the CEO of Evernote gets things done. Plus Drupal 8 gets a new default editor and the greatest CSS3 demo of all time arrives!

Esther Derby 02/08/13
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Agile Blindside

Standard agile practices such as visible charts, frequent demonstration of working product, and retrospectives are all ways to make both progress and problems visible. But if people don’t feel safe to bring up issues, you won’t hear about them until it’s too late.

Johanna Rothman02/08/13
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Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 2

A second example of geographically distributed development organizations. This example will show you how to use a project manager with Kanban and teams in silos.

Johanna Rothman02/08/13
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Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 1

I’ve been working with geographically distributed and dispersed teams for the past couple of years. Some of them on quite large programs, some of them reasonably small. What they all have in common is that they all want to transition to agile.

Sandro Mancuso02/08/13
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Mentorship in Software Craftsmanship - Part 3

Once the relationship between mentor and mentee is established, it is fair to say that they will be in a journey together. Every software craftsman is on a personal journey towards mastery. They are all walking the long road.