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Jurgen Appelo02/15/13
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Don't Let Scrum Make You Fragile

In order to become healthy a human body should not get too comfortable performing the same routine. The same goes for Scrum and agile.

Jurgen Appelo02/15/13
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What Comes After Certified Scrum Master?

What comes after Certified Scrum Master (CSM)? Should it be Expert Scrum Master? Or is it User Story Tips and Tricks for you? Will you consider Combining Scrum and Kanban? Or maybe Certified Planning Poker?

Esther Derby 02/15/13
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Public Humiliation is Not Feedback

I’ve talked to a number of people in different organizations who went through a public process that required each person to praise and criticize other group members. They described the process as humiliating–both when receiving praise and criticism.

Mitch Pronschinske02/14/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/14/13)

Obama signs a cyber security executive order and a Vagrant AWS provider appers. Plus MarkLogic gets a free license and we find out where the term 'Big Data' started.

Ted Neward02/14/13
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Last Thoughts on "Craftsmanship"

Live craftsmanship, don't preach it. The creation of a label serves no purpose other than to disambiguate and distinguish. If we want to hold people accountable to some sort of "professionalism", then we have to define what that means.

Johanna Rothman02/14/13
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Enticing a Program to Move to Agile

There was a question on a LinkedIn group earlier this week about a program with teams with interconnected features and about how you knew when a feature was done. After all, a feature wasn’t done until all the teams were done with it.

Bogomil Shopov02/14/13
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Marketing Kanban Style for Tech Startups

Oh no, there is no mistake. It’s not Gangdam Style! I am always trying to mix software development methodologies into community and marketing management. Last year I gave a talk at Fosdem about using Agile methods, and especially Trello, to engage your community.

Chris Shayan02/14/13
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How to Lead IT Knowledge Workers

A free booklet that addresses the typical needs of IT knowledge workers, by giving a unique leadership approach.

Michael Dubakov02/13/13
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Single Point of Failure - Don't Expect the Best Solution from One Person

Many teams rely on the Product Owner, Business Analyst, etc. and expect solutions and specs from them. A team doesn’t care about the solution, but does care about completeness of the specification. Sometimes this works, in most cases — not.

Michael Norton02/13/13
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The Problem with "Don't Bring Me Problems"

Want to really set yourself apart as a leader? Try telling your employees, "Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions." This phrase will absolutely set you apart as a leader; apart from your people, apart from communication, apart from real issues, and apart from collaborative solutions.

Rob Sanders02/13/13
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But I Want to Run an Agile Project!

A fun video about trying to run an agile project in a large enterprise. Without the appropriate buy-in from all stakeholders in a project, and acknowledgement that the Agile approach doesn’t necessarily align with more stringent or rigid processes and frameworks, an Agile approach simply won’t work.

Michael Sahota02/13/13
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Lean Startup? Use Kanban! Maybe Scrum

Lean Startup is a powerful approach for learning quickly about who your customer is and what problems they have and what solutions they value. The diagram below illustrates how it follows the scientific method: hypothesis, experiment, conclusions.

Mitch Pronschinske02/13/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/13/13)

One developer shop finds a great way to get back at a customer that stole their work. Also an MIHTool that will change your life. Plus news about JavaFX, and an XKCD-style comic maker.

John Sonmez02/12/13
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We Can’t Measure Anything in Software Development

The interesting thing about Baccarat is that despite the odds, despite common sense, despite the understanding that the game is completely random, people will still sit there and record every single hand and score trying to use it to look for patterns to predict future results. Programming is similar.

Sandro Mancuso02/12/13
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Frustrations and Aspirations of a Software Craftsman

For a while I've been thinking about what makes me like or dislike a project. Having spent a very big part of my career working for consultancy companies, I was exposed to many different environments, industries, team sizes, processes and technologies.