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Kristina Chodorow12/07/12
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Noodlin, the Brainstorming App - Humans are difficult

My web app, Noodlin, has two basic functions: 1) create notes and 2) connect them, so I tried to make it blindingly obvious how to do both in the UI. Unfortunately, when I first started telling people about it, the first feedback I got was, “how do you create a connection?”

Kristina Chodorow12/07/12
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Introducing Noodlin – A Brainstorming App

I’ve been working on a web app, Noodlin, for brainstorming online. Basically, Noodlin just lets you create notes and connect them. I’ve been using it for taking notes during meetings, figuring out who gets what for the holidays, and organizing The Definitive Guide.

Eric D. Schabell12/07/12
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JBoss BRMS Best Practices - Tips for your BPM Process Implementation Layer

I wanted to revisit the topic of best practices but then on an Intelligent, Integrated Enterprise level where we talk about getting control over your business processes with JBoss BRMS.

Gil Zilberfeld12/07/12
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What Is Agile

Agile is a mindset. It is not a goal or end state. You can't be agile because someone or something (including certificates) say so.

Willie Wheeler12/06/12
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How I Got My Kids Into Programming

At first I wasn’t having much luck. It was always me asking kid #1 whether he wanted to program, and the answer was pretty much always “no”. I started wondering whether he was really mine at all since no spawn-o-mine would answer in that way.

Steve Rogalsky12/06/12
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Celebrate Failure? Pt. 1

There were two fascinating studies that helped me understand why failure is indeed a cause for celebration. This is the first in a two part series.

Michael Norton12/05/12
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A New Agile Practice: Collaboration Contract (was Collaboration 8)

Back in April, I wrote about a practice we were experimenting with at LeanDog. I called it Collaboration 8. The intent is to figure out who are the right people to have involved in a discussion. Rather than the boss making the decision, Collaboration 8 provides a way for the team to self-select...

Andrzej Grzesik12/04/12
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Review of Presentation Patterns: Techniques for Crafting Better Presentations

Presentation Patterns is a new book about creating and delivering presentations. Authors: Neal Ford, Matthew McCullough and Nathaniel Schutta have huge speaking experience, and while they share a...

Giorgio Sironi12/03/12
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Preparing to coach with the Game of Life

Introduction to the kata and where the difficulty is.

Shannon Behrens12/03/12
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I'm Going to Make a Lot of People Mad: Criticizing the Uncriticizable

It is impossible to have a realistic conversation about these technologies, and it's not very common for enthusiasts of these technologies to admit their failings.

Glenn Dejaeger12/03/12
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7 Mistakes of Software Testing

Though most developers know the importance of testing, it seems that a lot of them still aren’t testing enough. And if they write tests, they just test wrong.

James Betteley12/02/12
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Agile ITOps: Day 4

It’s day 4 of our first agile ITOps sprint and so far it’s pretty much going to script. Our estimation of how much work we would be able to get through is looking roughly in the right ballpark.

Zac Gery12/02/12
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Why Great Teams Build Great Products

Building a productive team begins with understanding the talents and skills of each member. The goal is to have a well balanced team. This balance is achieved through diverse programming skills, varying personalities, and personal strengths.

James Betteley12/01/12
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Agile ITOps: Day 1

Today we started day 1 of our first ever ITOps sprint. This all came about because we needed a way of working out our productivity on “project tasks”, as well as learning how to triage our interruptions a bit better.

Kief Morris11/30/12
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CD Pipeline Implementation: Tracer Bullet (Trail Marker)

The idea is to get the simplest implementation of a pipeline in place, prioritizing a fully working skeleton that stretches across the full path to production over a fully featured, final-design functionality for each stage of the pipeline.