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Venkatesh Kris...01/17/13
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Is Punishment for Being Late to a Scrum a Bad Thing?

The typical practice is that late comers to the Scrum Meetings should either wear a joker cap or pay money as punishment for arriving late. However, many thought leaders believe that these practices of punishment is bad

Mitch Pronschinske01/17/13
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Managing Programs With Agile and Traditional Projects

Imagine you are transitioning to agile. You are a program manager, with a couple of agile projects, and a couple of traditional projects. How do you manage the program?

David Bernstein01/17/13
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Resistance to Change

The biggest impediment to change is a cultural one. Change means things are going to be different and human beings resist this at some level. Change requires being able to adapt and this can be difficult so as a result we tend to resist it.

Venkatesh Kris...01/16/13
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The 4 Ingredients of Building Hyper-Productive Teams

It is every leader’s dream to build hyper productive teams. Irrespective of the cultural background of teams, domain or technology being used, my own personal experiences of building hyper productive teams concur with several research papers.

John Cook01/16/13
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Management Principle from Dune

Too often we act as if every decision is weighty and permanent. Of course some decisions are weighty and permanent, but most are not. Wisdom is knowing which decisions are and which are not.

Steve Rogalsky01/16/13
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Kanban At Home

Kanban has crept from the workplace into our home. Here is a quick post to tell you how we build our board, how we use it, and the results.

Jon Archer01/15/13
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Scrum and Telecommuting - Our Experiment

Half of our scrum team already worked from home, and we wanted to see if things worked better or worse for us if the other half all worked from home too. After convincing our management to let us try this we targeted starting this in the first quarter of 2011...

Venkatesh Kris...01/15/13
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7 Agile/Scrum Practices to Apply in Maintenance Projects

7 Scrum practices can help you use agile for defect fixing and not just product development. Learn what they are and the potential pitfalls.

Laura M. Waite ...01/15/13
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“The 4 Questions” of a Retrospective and Why They Work

Retrospectives are a powerful technique to bolster your team productivity through finding improvements and implementing them, together as a team. Find out how to make the most of them...

Dave West01/15/13
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Agile Requires an Integrated Story

The method wars are over and Agile has won. But just like any war, peace time comes with its own set of problems and issues. As Agile becomes the de-facto way teams build software the impact on the other processes and systems become widespread.

Giorgio Sironi01/14/13
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Thinking in value terms

From technical tasks to user stories, the change is not easy. Here is an experience on how to break down the transition in steps into different models, from waterfall to Agile. Don't stop at the intermediate step, it would be a waste of time.

Cody Powell01/14/13
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Taco-Driven Development

Every Wednesday we have Taco Twednesday, in which we all leave the office to eat at and review various taco establishments. We're doing something more important than having fun, though. We're doing something that every software organization needs help with: we're learning to listen to each other.

Michael Dubakov01/14/13
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Scrum FAQ

This FAQ answers questions as simple as "What is Scrum?" or as deep as "When a company is in the process of selecting a Scrum tool to help them meet their needs, what kinds of things should they look for in that tool?"

Rodrigo De Castro01/14/13
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"Lean Startup" Lessons for Big Companies

One of the most important things is to have cross-functional small teams in order to have small pockets within the company that work like startups. Here are some things I learned from the Lean Startup book...

Steve Rogalsky01/14/13
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Living With an Agilist

We were not immediately friends, agile and I, and yet along with the post-it notes and sharpies that have overtaken my house, some agile practices and principles have slowly become part of my life.