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Brian Whalley06/25/12
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The DevOps Reading List: 10 Books & Blogs You Should Be Reading

Here’s a selection of great DevOps-related blogs and books. There’s also a Google Reader bundle or RSS feed that you can use to subscribe at the bottom of that section.

Anders Abel06/25/12
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7 Programmer Recruiting Mistakes

We’ve all met them. The programmers that can’t program. They can hardly write anything that compiles on their own. Producing quality quality code is way above their skills. Trying to find out why, here are 7 common mistakes made during recruiting.

James Betteley06/24/12
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Continuous Delivery, Warts and All

Tools are important, people and relationships are importanter (new word), you should automate everything, take little steps instead of big ones, stick to the principles of continuous delivery. Here's my recent little case study on a client that wanted to implement CD...

Eric Minick06/23/12
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3 Crazy Ideas to Make your DevOps Proposal Seem Reasonable

I work with “The Enterprise” everyday. Sadly, this has nothing to do with Star Trek – just big companies with lots of internal politics. As our friends champion our products internally,the political challenges are often tougher than the technical ones. If politics is going to be a barrier, it’s fair game to use political theory to fight back.

Douglas Rathbone06/20/12
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Using Custom Web.config Transformations in MSBUILD

For Continuous Integration fans out there that may have specific build-configuration-based build and deployment scenarios (such as myself), there is the need to have finer grained control over the Web.config transformation process. If this sounds like you, then this post is aimed to deliver.

Eric Minick06/20/12
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DevOps Prisoner’s Dilemma

We often talk about tension caused competing bonus / success structures for development and operations teams in the build and release process. At Gartner IOM Cameron Haight framed this using the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma concept from game theory. I wanted to elaborate on that idea.

Giorgio Sironi06/20/12
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Lean Tools: Self-Determination

We are in the realm of the "Empower the team" principle. If it seems a fluffy topic, bear with me. It is difficult to face because it involves people's nature even more than normal teamworking.TaylorismOne of my (enlightened) bosses said that one of...

Tim Murphy06/19/12
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3 Reasons You Need To Know Something About Every Technology

An interesting piece of advice from one developer to another; where do you stand on the matter?

Jeff Blankenburg06/19/12
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Wanted: Clever Dev. Slogans for T-shirts

But as I’ve looked around the landscape of the shirts that are being offered anymore, there are very few that truly appeal to software developers.

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How I Explained Dependency Injection to My Team

Recently our company started developing a new java based web application and after some evaluation process we decided to use Spring. But many of the team members are not aware of Spring and Dependency Injection principles. So I was asked to give a crash...

Giorgio Sironi06/18/12
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My take on Utility and Strategic software

Distinguishing between utility, cost center and strategic, profit center software is crucial to decide in which company to work and what to borrow from open source.

Matthew Schmidt06/17/12
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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad... Data?

You may be sitting on top of an ocean of data, and you need a way to get it out, move it to all the right places, refine it, and then present it for the users to consume. DZone has the place for you to get the latest info on Hadoop, BI, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more.

Ben Wootton06/16/12
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7 Tips On Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is all about setting up your development processes such that you can deliver into production much more frequently than is typical, perhaps with multiple releases per day. Here are 7 points I took away from a recent presentation...

Douglas Rathbone06/14/12
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Continuous Integration Tip #3 – Version your Databases as part of your automated build

Having a good Continuous Integration setup is the gift that keeps on giving, but what about your database? For most web applications these days, your database is a large part of your application – so why is versioning it such an uncommon thing?

Tim Murphy06/14/12
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Team Foundation Server (TFS) at TechEd 2012

My morning sessions for day three were dominated by Team Foundation Server. This has been a hot topic for our clients lately, so this topic really stuck a chord.