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Nick Oostvogels09/06/12
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Kanban for Skeptics: The 5 Most Common Arguments

This book contains the 5 most common arguments against Kanban and my responses to them. My goal was not to explain Kanban scientifically, but to provide insights into why these arguments don't stand, in a language that is understandable by all.

Ben Linders09/06/12
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Book Review: Disciplined Agile Delivery

This book describes a process framework called Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), which can be used to define the processes that are needed in your enterprise. It recognizes that agile methods, like...

Jim Bird09/05/12
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Devops Isn’t Just for Online Startups

Most of what you read and hear about devops is in online startups – about getting to market faster and building tight feedback loops with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. But devops is even more important in keeping systems running – in maintenance and sustaining engineering and support.

Giorgio Sironi09/05/12
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Erlang: Hello World

Let's start from the basics.

Giorgio Sironi09/03/12
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Manual Test-Driven Development

Even if the automation step vanishes, TDD can still be a valuable tool for generating feedback.

Eric Minick08/30/12
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How Experiment Cultures Lead to Continuous Deployment

While few of us want to live at the extremes of many production deployments of an app per day, many of us want to detect production problems quickly and be able to respond accordingly. Copy the infrastructure of good tests, piecemeal automated deployments, and good monitoring and apply them to your more reasonable goals.

Giorgio Sironi08/29/12
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Transform switches in maps

Switches always creep in even with massive use of polymorphism: they hide in Factories and at the boundaries of the application.

Mitch Pronschinske08/29/12
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The "Pianodoro": Take Your Productivity to Power-Level 9000!

Practitioners of the Pomodoro Technique swear by its effectiveness in making working humans more productive. I'm here to tell you today, that we the DZone writers, curators, designers, developers, etc. have employed this technique on numerous occasions and we think we've stumbled upon something even better…

Gonzalo Ayuso08/28/12
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Deployment Tip: How to Use Environ Variables to Create Different Environments with PHP

Mainly because my production environment is usually a cloud, and changing the code is a mess. What can we do? The solution that I like for these kind of problems is to use Apache’s environ variables.

Ranjib Dey08/26/12
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Evolving Enterprise Infrastructure Using Chef

Learn some of the neat tricks and reasons that you would want to use the open source CM tool, Chef.

Daniel Ackerson08/25/12
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Forget Trains. Take off on a Release Plane!

For those that have to deal with release management, release train is a well-understood term. It refers to a software development schedule where multiple products are released as a part of a single ‘train’ on a regular, pre-planned schedule.

Eric Minick08/24/12
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4 Signposts Towards a DevOps-Friendly SDLC

Four of the principals and laws that my company cites most frequently can help reinforce this direction and provide some needed checks as you begin transforming towards an organization whose path from idea to value (the software development lifecycle or SDLC in stodgy terms) needs to be more DevOps friendly.

Laura M. Waite ...08/24/12
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Making Training Transferable: Or, How Sheep Are Not Like Spreadsheets

Most training courses that aim to introduce cultural change focus on creating hypothetical situations and showing you new ways to work within them, using the techniques the course is trying to introduce. In the interest of doing this, the trainer might tell you...

Mitch Pronschinske08/21/12
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All Roads Lead to Rome: For DevOps Days!

Another great Europe-based DevOps Day is on it's way for anyone who missed the earlier ones. It's on October 5th and 6th and it's going to be in Rome, Italy.

Giorgio Sironi08/21/12
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How to Take Unit Testing (and Test-Driving) Seriously

Red and green phases alone aren't going to cut it.