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Steve Rogalsky12/20/12
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A Systems Thinking Alternative to Performance Reviews

I'm not qualified enough to make categorical claims about the typical annual performance review process, but I can say that by trying something different I enjoyed the performance review process more than any other year and I had some great conversations with my co-workers.

Mitch Pronschinske12/20/12
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10 Tips to Making Products That People Will Love

Over the past 30 years, Marty Cagan has defined and built products for some of the most successful companies in the world, including Hewlett-Packard, Netscape Communications, America Online, and eBay. He shared his top 10 secrets to creating products customers love.

Anders Abel12/20/12
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Sprint Goals Tie up Loose Ends

To me, a sprint demo is not only a way to show the progress of the project to the stakeholders, it is also a major success factor of the project itself.

Mike Cottmeyer12/20/12
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Your Team Is New To Scrum

If your team is new to Scrum, they don’t have the advantage of looking at their previous velocity before making commitments to the business

Mitch Pronschinske12/19/12
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What’s New in Mingle 12.4?

We all know there are countless project management tools out there. One of the more Agile among them, Mingle, had a new release. And another tool, Go for Continuous Delivery, has OpenJDK support now.

David Bland12/19/12
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How to Cost Agile Projects

How to cost Agile projects is a question that comes up frequently, and a perfect question for a blog post. It’s actually very easy but before I get to the heart of the matter I’d like to spend a few paragraphs setting the context of the question.

Michael Sahota12/19/12
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Hierarchy = The Matrix: We Don't See or Question It

The hierarchy is at the very center of our lives. We have experienced it in our school years and later when working in organizations. It’s existence and function is tacit in our understanding of reality.

Mitch Pronschinske12/19/12
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Agile Performance Skills Matrix Template

The Skills Matrix is something out of the Toyota Talent book that is used to help conduct agile performance evaluations for yourself and team members. Get the overview sheet and the awesome template to try it out. They're attached to the article.

Jim Bird12/18/12
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Are Bugs Part of Technical Debt?

Everybody is talking about technical debt today: developers, testers, consultants, managers - even executives. But the more that people talk about technical debt, the fuzzier the idea gets, and more watered down the meaning of “technical debt” becomes.

Allan Kelly12/18/12
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What is the Right Size For a User Story?

What is the right size for a User Story?” - a day? a week? three weeks? - 1 point? 5 points? 10 points? 37? 100? 5 words? 20 words? We'll give you the short answer and the long answer.

Rodrigo De Castro12/18/12
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Code Reviews: Small and Done by Experts

My core ideas about Code Reviews: (1) reviews must be small; (2) reviews must be done by experts, otherwise they don't offer much value.From my experience, most of the developers wanted feedback and took them well to improve the code.

James Betteley12/18/12
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​How Do You Do Fixed Bid With Agile?

Not being an agile consultant, I didn’t really know what a “Fixed Bid” contract was, or how it worked. Basically fixed bid contracts have an agreed up-front cost, and payment isn’t based on the amount of time or resources expended so you can understand how this might seem incompatible with agile.

Willie Wheeler12/17/12
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The Virtues of Cowboy Development

The cowboy developer adds unplanned features, commits code past the code freeze and generally works outside the control structures that management has put in place to keep development manageable. However, one man’s emergency release is another man’s continuous delivery.

Sandro Mancuso12/17/12
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The Wrong Notion of Time

How come Agile projects are now failing? Why do we still have the same old problems?

David Bland12/17/12
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Estimate the Total Cost of Agile Projects

Estimating the cost of software is, at best, an educated guess. There are many variables, but David Bland is going to look at the questions surrounding cost estimation and give us some hope for getting better at it.