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Bob Hartman01/08/13
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Agile Practitioners Aren’t Supposed to Use Flamethrowers – Are They?

Most of us have not been in a literal flamethrower war, but some of us have been in our share of them in the virtual world. I may be showing my age, but we used to have a phrase for arguments on message boards: flame wars or flaming.

Chris Spagnuolo01/08/13
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Know Your Users - Create Personas

If you create a persona for each one of your user types and start using their names in your user stories, you'll start feeling more connected to your users. They won't be a generic mass out there anymore. You'll be developing software for somebody.

Jurgen Appelo01/08/13
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The Problem of Stakeholder Focus

We have to realize that everyone is entangled in a web of economic dependencies, and therefore the purpose you choose for yourself should somehow generate value for the others around you.

Giorgio Sironi01/07/13
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Caring about build files

When a build file is getting hundreds of lines long, what you can do to simplify it and why you should do it? In this article we'll see some examples of what you can usually improve in Phing build files, PHP's version of Ant.

Jim Bird01/07/13
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Classic Mistakes in Software Development and Maintenance

These simple, stupid mistakes add up over time to huge costs, when you consider that maintenance makes up between 40% and 80% of total software costs. Like the classic mistakes in new development, mistakes in maintenance are obvious and fixable.

Jurgen Appelo01/07/13
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I Made a Lot of Money, and It Made Me Very Happy

If you stop separating work from life, and instead see the first as an implementation of the second, you can stop separating money from motivation, and instead see one as a metric for the other.

Chris Spagnuolo01/07/13
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Embracing Change with Agile Practices

Building software is complex. Every time you think have something nailed down, the requirements change. In software development, every time you show your progress to your end users or talk with your stakeholders, you get feedback.

John Cook01/07/13
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Fractured Work

Vivek Haldir’s recent post Quantum of Work points out something obvious in retrospect: programming is intrinsically fractured. It does little good to tell a programmer to unplug and concentrate. He or she cannot work for more than a few minutes before needing to look something up online or interact with someone.

Scott Leberknight01/06/13
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Iterative Software Development, Part 1

I'll be building a 2D game library iteratively, one feature per screencast. I won't be teaching Java syntax, but I will be teaching you how to keep your code organized and flexible so that you can go whatever direction you need to.

Chris Spagnuolo01/06/13
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Interview with Founder/President of Rally Software Development

Aside from all of this goodness, Ryan is just a flat out great guy, a good friend, and very approachable. Our team works closely with him and his folks at Rally to bring agile practices to the forefront of our company's development activities.

Chris Spagnuolo01/05/13
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Pixar's Randy Nelson on Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age

I came across this gem featuring Pixar's Randy Nelson who is the Dean of Pixar University. It has had an extremely profound impact on how I think and collaborate. He's giving a short talk entitled Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age.

Mike Cottmeyer01/05/13
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Getting Permission to Coach

People want to be heard, they want to learn, and if you can really listen to them and help them learn meaningful stuff, you just might be asked to help. Only when you’ve been asked to help do people tend to actually listen.

Chris Spagnuolo01/04/13
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'Requirements Don't Change, Despite What Engineers Believe'

According to Alan Cooper, to successfully manage software projects, you must have detailed written plans. He also claims that contrary to engineers' claims, requirements don't change. Don't listen to agile practitioners who say that “We shouldn't plan because things change so rapidly”.

Ganesh Ghag01/04/13
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The Changing Face of Software Development

Change is inevitable and nowhere is it most apparent then in the software technology space. Surely we all adapt to these changes that are quite the norm in software development. Here is a little retrospective view at ways in which software development, as we know it, is changing.

Johanna Rothman01/04/13
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Programs, Titles, and Business Value

I keep hearing a lot about “chief” this and “chief” that when it comes to Big Agile, aka program management. You know, chief product owner, chief architect, that kind of thing. I’m kind of puzzled. I thought agile was all about self organization and no command-and-control. Chief anything reeks of command-and-control to me.