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Moshe Kaplan02/27/12
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When Agile Met Cloud Computing Thanks to JetBrains' TeamCity

The TeamCity feature from JetBrains allows for integration of EC2 and their Continuous Integration platform.

Matt Cottingham02/27/12
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Sales Driven Development

You can't count on the customer to know what they want, so there needs to be a regulation mechanism that Matt Cottingham calls "Sales Driven Development". Here are a couple of ways that this could work...

Eric Genesky02/24/12
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Video - NEW Scrum in Under 10 Mintues from Axosoft

High Definition! Pretty graphics! Let us know what you think of the new Scrum in Under 10 Minutes video, linked within.

Allan Kelly02/23/12
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Own Version of Agile

This post includes two lists. First: how the writer differs from the Agile mainstream. Second: his various beliefs in Agile.

Giorgio Sironi02/23/12
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Our experience with Domain Events

According to Evans, Domain Events are the missing pattern from his original Domain-Driven Design book. Here's how we implemented them.

Dave Farley02/21/12
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Devoxx Talk on Continuous Delivery Now Live

Dave Farley is co-author of the book "Continuous Delivery" which describes the use of high levels of automation and collaboration in the delivery process to ensure high quality software and a reduction in errors and late nights. His talk at Devoxx introduces the ideas of Continuous Delivery as a practical everyday process, using some of the techniques and technologies that LMAX employ in their development environment as an example.

Giorgio Sironi02/21/12
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The 7 habits of highly effective developers

The 7 habits of Stephen Covey can be applied to software development too. Let's start with the failure of an Internet connection.

Esther Derby 02/20/12
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How Do You Decide on Methodology? Look to the Needs of the Team

The point of any agile role is to help a team learn new skills, improve, and transition to new ways of working. There are many elements of a role to consider before choosing an effective methodology, including qualities, preferences, and style for the role.

Cody Powell02/20/12
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Understanding-Driven Development

I have a weird idea. What if, with every change we made to our codebase, we tried to increase our understanding of it a little bit? This is challenging because codebases always go in the opposite direction. How do you increase understanding on a large scale, then? Let's go through a few approaches, none of which are earth shattering.

Geoffrey Papilion02/19/12
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Sometimes It’s Okay to Incur Technical Debt

Your avoidance of Technical Debt shouldn't block all other tasks because of one issue. It's better to have a partially automated solution, than none at all.

Jessica Thornsby02/18/12
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Polling Subversion with Jenkins

There are many advantages Jenkins can offer Apache Subversion users, one of which is the option of automatically polling Subversion repositories for changes, and creating a new build whenever changes are detected. Implementing this functionality is made easy in this tutorial.

Steve Rogalsky02/17/12
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Simple, But Not Easy: Agile Advice for Beginners

Some of the common problems illuminated by this post include an "out of control scope" and "never ending projects." The author also includes some links to useful articles, books, and podcasts.

Dror Helper02/16/12
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The Evolution of a Taskboard: Sticky Notes, Excel, and Beyond

This post covers the blogger's experience with managing tasks in his team of developers. He discusses how a sticky-note-oriented task table can be converted into a useful excel sheet, and then takes it a step further.

Jim Bird02/15/12
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Technical Debt: How Much is it Really Costing You?

According to one report, “applications carry on average $3.61 of technical debt per line of code”. The figure seems a bit arbitrary and absolute in a context where there can be so many variables. This review will give you a better idea of technical debt by looking at different kinds of technical debt, and how much they might cost you.

Giorgio Sironi02/15/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Hierarchy

God classes contain many conditionals and switches: extracting a hierarchy is a possible step to make the design manageable.