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Ganesh Ghag01/04/13
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The Changing Face of Software Development

Change is inevitable and nowhere is it most apparent then in the software technology space. Surely we all adapt to these changes that are quite the norm in software development. Here is a little retrospective view at ways in which software development, as we know it, is changing.

Johanna Rothman01/04/13
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Programs, Titles, and Business Value

I keep hearing a lot about “chief” this and “chief” that when it comes to Big Agile, aka program management. You know, chief product owner, chief architect, that kind of thing. I’m kind of puzzled. I thought agile was all about self organization and no command-and-control. Chief anything reeks of command-and-control to me.

Mohamed Kishawy01/04/13
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Agile Planning & Estimation

The agile project management by default requires a specific kind of planning. Planning that is flexible enough to handle the nature of the agile environment. Due to its fluid nature, it might look like it's non-existent to the untrained eye.

Ralf Quebbemann01/03/13
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Upgrading to Maven 3.1.1 caused Jenkins Maven Job to Fail

After upgrading Maven on my Jenkins CI build server to version 3.1.1 I encountered problems with my Maven build jobs in Jenkins (version 1.544). The error message looks something like this:

Rob Sanders01/03/13
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A Simple Project Effort Estimation Utility

I’ve developed my own simple estimation tool which takes a more simplified view of the more complex tools I’ve used in the past. To understand how to leverage this utility, I need to explain the concepts which underpin the numbers.

Brian Gracely01/03/13
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The Cloudcast #126: 2013 in Review & 2014 Predictions

Aaron and Brian wrap up 2013 with thoughts on the year in Cloud Computing and make a few predictions for 2014. Topics include AWS, OpenStack, PaaS, DevOps, SDN and any other buzz word we can think of.

Abby Fichtner01/03/13
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Focus in Chaos: Why I Like Kanban for Startups

It drives me a little crazy every time I hear a startup developer complain that things are changing all the time. Well… what’d ya expect? BUT… in their defense, I’ve seen many a startup do a truly horrible job managing their developers.

Abby Fichtner01/03/13
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On Shipping More in 2013

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I believe that every day gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and so it’s silly to put so much stock into that one day each year. Nonetheless, with the new year starting, I find myself longing to create more...

Mike Cottmeyer01/03/13
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How to be an Agile2013 Speaker

In case you haven’t heard… the Agile2013 submission system is up and running. If you’ve ever had visions of getting up on stage and sharing your experiences with the agile community, now is your time.

Chris Spagnuolo01/03/13
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Is Improv the Key to Innovative Teams?

Most people associate improv with acting or comedy. But, you don't have to be an actor or a comedian to apply improvisation to your work. In fact, I think there is more opportunity for improvisation in the professional world than most people think.

Giorgio Sironi01/02/13
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SOLID principles: are they enough for OO?

A new definition of an object-oriented structure can be used to evaluate how SOLID principle enforce, favor, or limit you in writing OO code. I'm not saying you should only write OO code, but if you want to call it this way...

Peter Pilgrim01/02/13
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List of Agile Developer Terminology for New Programmers

There is so much new stuff that we have to explain to people new to programming. One person had to coach a graduate developer on writing unit tests. Another person had to explain the reasons why dependency injection is better than dependency lookup.

Chris Spagnuolo01/02/13
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Releasing Buggy Software Intentionally

Are software companies knowingly releasing buggy, defect-ridden software intentionally? They are. But not with malice. It's more about the cost equation associated with fixing the defects.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/13
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7 Ways to Make Good Teams Great

Important info from the leaders in collaboration - Atlassian, about how you can make your dev teams better.

Ben Wootton01/01/13
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My Agile Reading List

Someone asked me for a few 'agile' book recommendations, so I came up with the following reading list, which interestingly enough, doesn’t include any books with the words agile or SCRUM in the title!