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Matthias Marschall11/29/12
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DevOps Protocols: Start Small

Imagine you want to introduce automated configuration management to your organization. You’ve read all the books and even visited a great conference where you heard a lot of success stories. “It’s really time to get our servers under control” you think. But how do you get started?

Willie Wheeler11/28/12
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Designing Configuration Management Schemas

One important issue that comes up when undertaking a configuration management effort is how to design “the schema” for configuration management data. There are a couple of general and complementary approaches you need to know about if you’re working on this.

David Green11/28/12
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Measuring Software

A while back I read Making Software – it made me disappointed at the state of academic research into the practice of developing software. I just read Leprechauns of Software Engineering which made me angry about the state of academic research.

Allan Kelly11/27/12
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10 Pieces of Advice for Teams

Here are 10 tips for teams and those who manage, administer or simply organise teams. Of course, if you are a self-managing team you should all read this list.

Giorgio Sironi11/26/12
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What I learned at the Italian Agile Day 2012

One of the most important conference in my country, with very high level talks on methodology.

Juri Strumpflohner11/25/12
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Deploying: Git vs. TFS Showdown

Git’s distributed approach makes it easy to push to a dedicated “deploy” branch which is being automatically fetched, but would that be possible with TFS as well?

Giorgio Sironi11/19/12
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Why having an API matters: testing

Exposing an API has ease of functional testing as one of the side effects.

Rob Galanakis11/19/12
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Is it Worth Automating?

Some people can find me a bit over-earnest in my quest for automation. I’ve finally figured out how to know whether something is worthwhile to automate.

Mohamed Kishawy11/14/12
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Agile Methodologies - The Missing Path

Introduction: In the past few years an increasing number of styles of software development models, referred to as agile methodologies have been gaining a lot of interest in the software development world. Promising an antidote to bureaucracy that old models...

Jurgen Appelo11/13/12
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6 Rules for Employee Rewards & Extrinsic Motivation

These six rules for rewards give you the best chance at increasing people’s performance and engagement, while encouraging intrinsic motivation instead of destroying it. In my experience, an incidental compliment during a meeting for a job well done satisfies all six criteria.

James Betteley11/10/12
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Why do we do Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is now very much a central process of most agile development efforts, but it hasn’t been around all that long. But some teams are still waiting to adopt C.I... Seriously, they are!

Swizec Teller11/08/12
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A Retrospective of an Unproductive Day

Last night I was going to bed thinking “Man, I accomplished nothing today! What a waste.” But then I stopped feeling bad (and became awesome instead) and thought about a small bit of advice Marc Anderssen pushed into the internet a few weeks ago...

Venkatesh Kris...11/08/12
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Boss to Employees: Don't Work Too Hard

Even though I keep myself engaged in the Agile community quite upto date, I have hardly seen companies asking employees not to work hard or making it a policy not to work hard.

Luis Atencio11/07/12
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Compose your Software Development Practices

Lately, I have been doing some reading on Software Development practices and came across a software development methodology called SEMAT, which stands for Software Engineering Method and Theory.

Matthias Marschall11/07/12
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DevOps Protocol: No Manual Changes

No Manual Changes refers to the behavioural trait of not messing with any productive systems. Let’s discuss why messing with production systems is bad and what to do about it.