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Johanna Rothman01/27/12
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Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 2

Example 2: Using a Project Manager with Kanban, Silo’d Teams This is a product development organization with developers in Italy, testers in India, more developers in New York, product owners and project managers in California. This organization first...

Johanna Rothman01/27/12
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Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 1

I’ve been working with geographically distributed and dispersed teams for the past couple of years. Some of them on quite large programs, some of them reasonably small. What they all have in common is that they all want to transition to agile. Most of...

Chris Smith01/26/12
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Cool Visualization of Etsy's Chef Repo 2010-2011

Etsy used Gource, a software version control visualization tool to map Chef Repo. Software projects are displayed by Gource as an animated tree with the root...

David Bland01/26/12
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Top DZone Article of 2011: I Hate Pair Programming (and your code and you)

“Are you pair programming?” our manager asked in his snarky tone, while using exaggerated double air quotes to emphasize his skepticism. He then walked away without waiting for a response… This is merely one example of numerous instances I’ve...

Ted Neward01/26/12
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When are servers not servers?

In his Dr Dobb’s overview, Andrew Binstock talks about the prevalence of low-cost, low-powers and suggest in the title of the piece that they have begun their steady ascent over more traditional servers. His concluding statement, in fact, suggests that...

Kris Buytaert01/26/12
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Graphite, JMXTrans, Ganglia, Logster, Collectd, say what?

Given that @patrickdebois is working on improving data collection I thought it would be a good idea to describe the setup I currently have hacked together. (Something which can be used as a starting point to improve stuff, and I have to write documentation...

Giorgio Sironi01/26/12
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Unit testing when Value Objects get in the way

Tests developed during TDD can be classified into several levels, depending on the size of the object graph they need to work with. End-to-end tests span the whole application graph, while unit tests usually target a single public class at a time.

Mark Needham01/25/12
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Developer Machine Automation: Dependencies

As I mentioned in a post last week we’ve been automating the setup of our developer machines with puppet over the last week and one thing that we’ve learnt is that you need to be careful about how you define dependencies. The aim is to get your scripts...

Giorgio Sironi01/25/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Form Template Method

Duplication is not always expressed as an identical block of code: often it is subtler to discover, because it exists at an higher level of abstraction.Consider a sorting algorithm, a classic example in computer science: it can be implemented on widely...

Mark Needham01/25/12
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Focused Retrospectives: things to watch for

A few weeks ago a slide deck from an Esther Derby presentation on retrospectives was doing the rounds on twitter and one thing that I found interesting in the deck was the suggestion that a retrospective needs to be focused in some way. I’ve participated...

James Betteley01/24/12
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Top DZone Article of 2011 - 10 Mistakes That Software Team Leads Make

Roy Osherovehttp://5whys.com/@royosherove “Ten Mistakes” (as I shall now call it because I’m too lazy to keep typing the whole title), was a talk by Roy Osherove which I went to at Skills Matter. He basically takes us through ten common mistakes he...

Jim Bird01/24/12
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Agile Before There Was Agile: Egoless Programming and Step-by-Step

Two key ideas underlying modern Agile development practices. First, that work can be done more effectively by Whole Teams in which people work together collaboratively to design and build systems. They share code, the review each other’s work, they share...

Eric Genesky01/24/12
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Managing Schedule Flaws using Agile Methods

Brian Button wrote this article to address some of the symptoms of schedule flaws. Some of these symptoms include frequent change requests from customers, extra work for all teams, and Inadequate/late testing. He goes on to suggests some Agile methods for addressing this, as well as example charts to illustrate his points.

Carlos Sanchez01/24/12
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New challenges from DevOps: development cycle for your infrastructure

One of the main ideas behind DevOps adoption is the concept of  “infrastructure as code”. Tools like Puppet or Chef allow you to programmatically define your infrastructure, the provisioning of your servers: what packages are installed, what is the...

Chris Smith01/24/12
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Agile Development and Operations Hand-in-Hand

The concept of DevOps is on the rise: there's a conference, ThoughtWorks developed a tool and has a well-received book out on the subject and there's a Wikipedia page. So, what is DevOps, anyway? From my perspective it's the agile idea of a cross-functional...