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Frank Kelly09/25/12
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Book review of "Software Estimation"

Published over 6 years ago "Software Estimation" by Steve McConnell is a great read. As a practitioner of the agile arts I must say in reading it now this book seems like the last great attempt to "fix" waterfall and "big design up front" (BDUF) methodologies which were known for their very distinct big phases of requirements, design, development, testing and release.

Giorgio Sironi09/24/12
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Development of Latex documents

I found out that you can apply to authoring Latex documents many concepts and principles (e.g. an automated build) that you know as Agile and Lean practices.

Mitch Pronschinske09/20/12
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Fail Faster! It Helps!

A new version of Go, the Continuous Delivery managment tool by ThoughtWorks Studios, is up for grabs today with a feature that is going to help package the right versions of your components and eliminate spurious builds.

Jim Bird09/20/12
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Technical Debt – When Do You Have To Pay It Off?

What happens when “sometime in the future” is now? How much debt is too much to carry? When do you have to pay if off?

Giorgio Sironi09/19/12
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Erlang: build and test

Now it's time to take a more rigorous approach and develop some testing capabilities before going on.

Dalip Mahal09/18/12
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Bug Tracker Hell

Whether you call it a defect or bug or change request or issue or enhancement you need an application to record and track the life-cycle of these problems. For brevity, let's call it the Bug Tracker.

Giorgio Sironi09/17/12
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Errors: part of the learning curve

Strategies to avoid runtime errors, one of the largest time-sucker in programming.

Eric Gregory09/17/12
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Ask DZ: What You Wish You Had Known 2 Years Ago

What is one piece of coding advice that you wish you could pass on to the 2010 version of you? Is there a language you wish you'd known, or a line of code that would've made your life simpler?

Matthias Marschall09/16/12
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Devops Protocols

We all know that protocols are an essential building block of our craft. So why not apply the ‘protocol’ idea to Devops? Let’s try and see how the idea of protocols can help us improve the adoption of a Devops culture.

Jim Bird09/08/12
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Fixing Bugs - If You Can't Reproduce a Bug, You Can't Fix It

Reproducing the problem first gives you the confidence that you aren’t wasting your time and that you actually fixed the right issue. Trying to reproduce the problem should almost always be your first step.

Jim Bird09/08/12
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Fixing Bugs – There’s No Substitute for Experience

We've all heard that the only way to get good at fixing bugs in through experience – the school of hard knocks.

Nick Oostvogels09/06/12
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Kanban for Skeptics: The 5 Most Common Arguments

This book contains the 5 most common arguments against Kanban and my responses to them. My goal was not to explain Kanban scientifically, but to provide insights into why these arguments don't stand, in a language that is understandable by all.

Ben Linders09/06/12
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Book Review: Disciplined Agile Delivery

This book describes a process framework called Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), which can be used to define the processes that are needed in your enterprise. It recognizes that agile methods, like...

Jim Bird09/05/12
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Devops Isn’t Just for Online Startups

Most of what you read and hear about devops is in online startups – about getting to market faster and building tight feedback loops with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. But devops is even more important in keeping systems running – in maintenance and sustaining engineering and support.

Giorgio Sironi09/05/12
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Erlang: Hello World

Let's start from the basics.