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Nicolas Frankel05/09/12
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Specification by Example review

Facts 18 chapters, 254 pages, $29.21This book covers Specifications by Example (you could have guessed it from the title). In effect, SBE are a way to build the right software (for the...

Kief Morris05/09/12
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Continuous Delivery vs. Traditional Agile

There can be friction between the various ways agile teams work, and it seems that the root of the conflict between agile and continuous delivery is the approach to making software "ready for release."

Giorgio Sironi05/09/12
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Lean Tools: the Last Responsible Moment

Delaying commitment is good to mitigate risk: but delaying commitment does not mean never make a decision.

Jim Bird05/08/12
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Application Security at Scale

This week’s SANS AppSec conference in Las Vegas took on Application Security at Scale: how can we scale application security programs and technologies to big organizations, to small organizations and across organizations to millions of programmers world wide.

Giorgio Sironi05/07/12
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What is global state?

Globale state: it's everywhere, but its mutability is the real danger.

Jens Schauder05/06/12
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Where is your Mentor?

Back in the days when I had my lack of experience as an excuse to explain my mistakes I was sometimes wondering: “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mentor?”

Steven Lott05/03/12
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My Django Application Refresh: The Joys of Deleting Code

Steven Lott has been refurbishing an older project, built using Django 1.0.1 and Python 2.5, to make it compatible with Django 1.3. In this post, Steven explains the process he took, and why he loves deleting old code.

Geoffrey Papilion05/03/12
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Redunancy Planning - A Guide to What's Right for You

The general best practice is to add an additional element for each service tier, also know as N+1 redundancy. This approach is straight forward, but many people would actually be surprised by how often these schemes fail.

Giorgio Sironi05/01/12
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Lean tools: Options thinking

Starting to decide as late as possible requires small investments in time and money, to buy options.

Esther Derby 05/01/12
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Hiring is a Team Activity

Hiring new people for a team should always be a joint decision that involves team members. After all, who has more at stake than the people who will work with the new person day in and day out?

Ricardo Zuasti05/01/12
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Defining an Agile Methodology for Orthodox Environments

My company designs and develop mobile and web based banking solutions. Our customers (banks for the most part) are highly bureaucratized, orthodox (ie. like to have everything pre-defined and pre-approved) and risk adverse, and therefore change and the disruption of the status quo is not a normal sight within most of them.

Joe Miller04/29/12
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Gitosis-ng: Simple, Self-service Git Repositories

Gitosis-ng — it’s gitosis with some new features to help users work with the git server. Mainly implemented with commands sent via ssh. Here's what you can do with it.

Giorgio Sironi04/26/12
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Software Metaphors

Names that are easy to understand often follow from choosing a metaphor for the system or one of its components.

Giorgio Sironi04/25/12
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Testing PHP scripts

Regression testing of .php scripts lets you extract their contents into objects.

Hamid Shojaee04/24/12
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Agile/Scrum Tools List and Pricing Comparison

Almost every day prospects who are evaluating OnTime will ask us “how does OnTime compare to [Fill in a Competitor's Name]?” Of course, the answer to this question is very subjective and requires a detailed analysis of the needs of the prospect.