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David Bland12/14/12
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How to do Agile Performance Reviews

Like it or not, performance-based pay is a reality of our industry. David Bland looks at some practical/useful tips and techniques on how software companies could implement performanced-based pay effectively and fairly.

Esther Derby 12/14/12
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Agile and The Chasm

Agile is no longer the prevue of pioneers and visionaries. Agile shows up in the popular business press. PMI is all over it. but Many managers in organizations with traditional functional hierarchies want the benefits of agile –without disrupting the status quo. Not going to happen.

Johanna Rothman12/14/12
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Does the Team Need a Cheerleader? No. Courage? Yes.

I once worked for a manager who ignored all the problems we had, who said, “Let’s go, gang, we can do it!” I thought I would die. I’m an optimistic person. But I don’t believe in false optimism.

Kief Morris12/14/12
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Iterations Considered Harmful

The iteration is a cornerstone of agile development. However, the way many teams run their iterations creates serious pitfalls which can keep them from delivering software as effectively as they could.

Matt Lacey12/13/12
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Why "Scratching Your Own Itch" is a Bad Idea for Developers

There's a popular idea that if you have a need for something then it's likely that other people will too. It's often termed "scratching your own itch".

Krishna Kumar12/13/12
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Machine Abundance

Computing technology has reached a critical level where we are going to see all kinds of amazingly useful (and not just quirky) gadgets. And then people then will find ways to bring them together into single robot models. The jobs of the future will be be in how to make things that are going to make obsolete the things that human beings do.

Dror Helper12/13/12
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Agile Might Save Your Job

So how can one protect his job – simply by making sure that his manager and managers are aware of the state of the tasks under his responsibility and if a deadline is going to be missed, notify them about it as soon as possible, because no manager loves surprises as far as his project is concerned.

Trisha Gee12/13/12
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Agile++: When Agile Goes Well

If you see anything about LMAX - the Disruptor, Continuous Delivery, or even the selection criteria for hiring developers, you'll see that LMAX is pretty keen on Agile. However, no-one's documented the Agile process there, as far as I know.

Giorgio Sironi12/12/12
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The danger of large releases: Trenord case study

Stopping or delaying the majority of trains (and thousands of people) for days isn't the best advertising for large releases.

Tom Howlett12/12/12
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Build and Fix -> Discover, Build and Clean

When I started working for a software house our work was mostly made up of building and fixing, we were told what to build, didn’t do it very well and spent most of our time fixing it. Today our daily activities are a bit different so I thought I’d try to break them down

Allan Kelly12/12/12
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Scrum, Scrum & Scrum

I’ve come to believe there are three different meanings of the term “Scrum” - well, three inside the software development community at least, if we consider sport we can probably add a fourth.

Victor Savkin12/12/12
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Using Pen & Paper. Feature Sketches.

This is another blog post in a series about using pen and paper for brainstorming, planning, and designing.

Tim Spann12/11/12
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Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship

As aspiring Software Craftsmen we are raising the bar of professional software development by practicing it and helping others learn the craft. Through this work we have come to value these things... (post includes a big list of craftsmanship posts.

Johanna Rothman12/11/12
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Agile is Not for Everyone

I’m not saying agile is for the elite. Far from it. I’m saying agile is for people who want to and can manage the cultural change that it requires. And, if you try to do many of the technical and project management practices we suggest in agile, you will be better off.

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/12
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Top 10 Lessons Learned From 10 Years in Agile

Robert Holler, the CEO of VersionOne, and his colleagues got together earlier this year and discussed the lessons they had learned through ten years of insight into agile software development. "Hopefully we've learned more than just ten lessons," Holler told me humorously. Here were the insights he gave...