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Gil Zilberfeld05/20/14
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What If I Do This?

Good testers have the wonderful skill of asking “What if I do this”? This thinking is different than “happy path” coding, where we “know” the answer. People with experience in TDD develop this skill as well.

Bozhidar Bozhanov05/20/14
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Algorithmic Music Influenced by Tweets

I wanted to get some experience with basic natural language processing, so I decided to analyze the latest 200 tweets of the user, and perform the following analysis, which in turn influences the music that the user gets:

Puneet Monga05/20/14
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Binary Tree: Preorder Traversal without Recursion

I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to try implementing Binary Tree traversal techniques without recursion. Below is the implementation of Preorder Traversal without recursion. I have used a queue in order to implement the pre-order traversal without recursion. Since it's a pre-order traversal, we need to visit root, then left and then right subtree.

Allan Kelly05/20/14
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Loose Ends: Continuous Delivery & Conway's Law

A few weeks ago I did a presentation entitled “Conway’s Law and Continuous Delivery” - although it was also at some point entitled “Conway’s Law and Organisational Change” or possibly “Conway’s Law and Change for Continuous Delivery” - to the Pipeline Conference in London.

Benjamin Ball05/20/14
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The Best of the Week (May 9): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (May 9 to May 15). This week's topics include the DZone Research news update, using Apache Stratos, understanding Cloud Foundry Java buildpacks, the most recent Cloudcast, and cloud security.

Benjamin Ball05/19/14
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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (May 19)

Things continue to evolve in the DevOps industry every day. In this month's update, leading enterprises embrace web-scale IT automation with Chef, Bamboo 5.5 released instant access for Stash repos, IMB launched their impressive cloud marketplace (including Zend and others), and #ChefConf 2014 was a hit.

Paul Jenson05/19/14
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Building a Foundation for DevOps and Automation

Organizations struggling with project delivery, application availability and security maintenance typically also have an IT culture that struggles to understanding its own environment architecture.

Allan Kelly05/19/14
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False Projects

False projects occur when we use the word “project” for work which is not really a project. Some might think I’m playing word games here but I think its important, I think we need to be clear about our terms. Please, hear me out.

Steven Willmott05/19/14
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The Five Axioms of the API Economy, Axiom #3 – APIs are an Economic Imperative

This blog post is the third in a series of five blog posts outlining the axioms of the API economy. The post follows on from the first and second Axiom posted (also see an intro to the series in the first Axiom). Axiom #3 addresses what kind of impact APIs are likely to have.

Lorna Mitchell05/19/14
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PHP 5.6 Benchmarks

A while ago I did some benchmarks on how different versions of PHP perform in comparison to one another. Recently I ran it again for versions PHP 5.3 through PHP 5.6 and I thought I'd share my results:

Rob J Hyndman05/19/14
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To explain or predict?

Last week, my research group discussed Galit Shmueli’s paper “To explain or to predict?” This is a paper everyone doing statistics and econometrics should read as it helps to clarify a distinction that is often blurred.

Alec Noller05/17/14
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Agile Troubleshooting for DevOps with Log Analysis Augmented Search

In this article, the author will show an example of how a bug in the code can remain undetected as it goes into production, and then how analytics technologies and Augmented Search can be used to discover and troubleshoot the problem within minutes.

Rafael Winterhalter05/16/14
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Java 8 default methods can break your (users') code

At first glance, default methods brought a great new feature to the Java Virtual Machine's instruction set. However, adding default methods to established interfaces can render Java code uncompilable. This is easiest to understand when looking at an example.

Daniel Bartl05/16/14
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Processing and analysing sensor data: a DIY approach

Motivated by a current customer project (and the interesting nature of Big Data projects from industry in general), we decided to get our hands on sensor data. We wanted to learn how to handle, store and analyze it and what specific challenges sensor data presents.

Chris Odell05/16/14
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Agile Decompiled: Test Driven Development

Unit testing pre-dates TDD but TDD reverses the idea of testing your units of code and says you should start with a test, and that test should fail, and then you should write the code to make the test pass.The obvious advantage to this is that when you subsequently make a change you can see if the change has broken anything else in the system, which will give you greater confidence in your code.