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Matthias Marschall08/13/12
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Devops and The Lean Startup

Let’s take a look how the ideas of The Lean Startup and Devops enrich each other to successfully create product development flow.

Giorgio Sironi08/13/12
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Lean Tools: Contracts

The appropriate incentives comes from the right contract for your situation.

Esther Derby 08/08/12
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Estimating Is Often Helpful. Estimates Often Aren't.

Estimating helps when the process of estimating builds shared understanding among the people who want the work done and the people doing the work.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz08/07/12
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Make Technical Debt Explicit

When you work towards a release or some other looming milestone. There’s that urge to leave stuff behind, cut some corners – you know, just a wee bit, no harm done – so we can ship the damn thing already.

Giorgio Sironi08/06/12
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Lean Tools: Measurements

You can't manage what you can't measure... But should you manage it at all?

Ben Wootton08/05/12
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How Maven Enforces Good Habits!

One of the biggest leaps forward in my productivity and enjoyment, as a developer was when I learned about and adopted Maven for my Java projects.

Jez Humble08/03/12
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Jez Humble: Why Software Development Methodologies Suck

I never thought we'd be hearing those words from Jez Humble, an advocate for Agility at ThoughtWorks, but here is the point he's trying to make...

Giorgio Sironi08/01/12
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Lean Tools: Refactoring

Continuous refactoring is a premise of incremental development that is often overlooked.

Kief Morris07/31/12
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Devops as a Confidence Game

As an initiative to get developers, sysadmins, and testers working together to increase the speed of delivering high quality software changes, a key challenge devops must address is trust. Sysadmins simply don’t trust developers to hand them production ready code.

Ben Wootton07/29/12
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Metrics Driven Development

Once we have good metrics and a good set of monitoring systems on top of them, we can be much more aggressive in pushing out changes due to the fact that this style of monitoring gives us a very effective early warning system with regards to bugs or breakages that have been introduced.

Eric Minick07/28/12
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Dev and Ops: Sharing the Risk

Developers are driven by getting new features out the door. Operations, being charged with keeping things running, wants to avoid change. RISK is a 4-letter word keeping them apart.

Jim Bird07/26/12
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Availability of Systems and Data is a Devops Problem, not a Security Problem

Everyone knows the C-I-A triad for information security: security is about protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of systems and data. In a recent post, Warren Axelrod argues that Availability is the most important of these factors for security. I don't agree...

Krishna Kumar07/26/12
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Hiring Programmers

99+% of good programmers are not actively looking for a job. 99+% of the rest don’t know about your company. Of those who know, many won’t apply at your company. So your pool of potential employees is not a true representation of the overall programmer supply.

John Esposito07/26/12
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From Structured to Usefully Structured: How ABBYY's FlexiCapture Engine Learns from Humans and Machines

In a previous article we touched briefly on an OCR/ICR engine's movement from sight to meaning. There 'meaning' was considered very broadly: barcodes contain different information than text-blocks, semantic subsections of text-blocks are usually set apart by headings, and so forth. In this article we'll focus on one particular kind of data-extraction: the kind that starts with carefully laid-out physical documents.

Giorgio Sironi07/25/12
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Lean Tools: Conceptual Integrity

Conceptual integrity is what makes you find a feature exactly where you were looking.