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Yaron Sinai04/17/12
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Learn Three Simple Steps to Scrum Agile Development

A video and flowchart are included with this post, which provides a reduced overview to Agile Scrum methodology.

Giorgio Sironi04/17/12
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Selenium on Android

Running browser-based tests on an Android device.

Douglas Rathbone04/16/12
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Developer Productivity is Important - Reality or Myth?

If you have to rewrite something later because the tool wasn’t right for the job, or any other reason that comes down to your previous attempts at gaining productivity then it may be that your shooting yourself in the foot.

Mitch Pronschinske04/15/12
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Integrate Your Enterprise Apps 'Like a Boss'

Oh what's this… an Enterprise Integration Zone?! Now we have a focused place for information on integrating applications and services! Check out what's in store.

Johanna Rothman04/14/12
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Is the Cost of Continuous Integration Worth the Value on Your Program?, Part 2

How do you help the teams bring the entire product together on a periodic basis, regardless of their technical practices? If you look at the comments from the last post, you can see that continuous integration is a real problem for any number of reasons.

John Esposito04/13/12
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Heterogeneous Computing Is Here, Now

AMD just published the session catalog for their upcoming Fusion Developer Summit 2012 -- just a few months after announcing a new, open standard for heterogeneous computing. This resource-ful article will help you catch up on both theoretical and applied aspects of heterogeneous computing, and give you an early taste of the fast-approaching conference.

Mahdi Yusuf04/13/12
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To Script or Not to Script, That is the Question

Mahdi Yusuf offers a few observations about this age-old question.

Chris Smith04/13/12
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Axosoft Office Nerf Battle Video

Some companies just know how to have fun, and based on this video from Axosoft, they have the market cornered on office fun.

Giorgio Sironi04/12/12
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What's in a name?

Naming is an underrated activity in software engineering. Have you ever seen a metric that would be influenced by good names?

Aaron Nichols04/11/12
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Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery – Don’t Limit Your Ability Because of Your Vocabulary…

It's bad when people try to fit today’s understanding of what works into a word, which is defined into perpetuity. The real win in all of this is collaboration. Collaboration between departments, between companies, and across the world of Web Operations experts and novices.

Giorgio Sironi04/11/12
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Lean tools: Iterations

Iterations are the expression of feedback, regulating the pace with which it can reach the team.

Dan Allen04/10/12
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Death to all bugs! Arquillian testing platform reaches first stable release

Red Hat, Inc. and the JBoss Community today announced the 1.0.0.Final release of Arquillian, its award-winning testing platform built to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Arquillian substantially reduces the effort required to write and execute Java middleware integration and functional tests. It even enables test engineers to address scenarios previously considered untestable or too expensive to test.

Douglas Rathbone04/10/12
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I’m a Junior Developer – You Probably are Too

I have been developing software since I was 10. Commercially since I was 14 and 9 months (this is the legal age in Australia to work). I've created many different types of software in many different programming languages and I’ve lead teams. All this has made one thing very clear to me: I know nothing...

Giorgio Sironi04/10/12
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Software versions, the necessary evil

Stick to 1.2.5rc4 on PHP 5.2.9 or upgrade? That is the question.

Giorgio Sironi04/09/12
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The Page Object pattern

How to eliminate duplication from the end-to-end tests of a web application.