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John Esposito07/24/12
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OCR Helps Data Management More Than You Think

IDC estimates that data will grow 50-fold by 2020, while the number of information containers will multiply by 75. Unfortunately, a lot of that data is still locked away in physical documents; and as a developer in the age of big data, you'll be the one expected to make that data useful. Here's how to make it work.

Leigh Shevchik07/23/12
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The Tools we Use (and Love) at New Relic

These are the tools in New Relic's stack (mostly open source) that have specifically allowed us to scale to serve 16,000 active accounts with over 38 Billion metrics being reported to us each day!

Mitch Pronschinske07/23/12
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Spin Up New VMs in Their Own Virtual Network - A New FOSS Tool

Terraform is a flexible tool made available under the Apache 2.0 license that makes it easy to define, instantiate and manage environments. Terraform integrates with existing cloud providers. Today, Amazon EC2 and VMWare vSphere are supported.

Giorgio Sironi07/23/12
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Refactoring away from spaghetti PHP

Decomposition: the silver knife for avoiding spaghetti code.

Dennis Doomen07/20/12
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If You Write An Article About TDD, Make Sure It Is Correct

Dennis Doomen explains how developers who write about TDD should make sure that the information they share is correct.

Kelly Reiser07/19/12
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What Would You Like to See on Your DZone Profile?

You know you’re awesome, but does everyone else? Sure, you’ve probably posted some useful links and maybe even written some most excellent articles, but right now most people can’t see everything about how awesome you are, all in one place.

Markus Eisele07/19/12
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GlassFish Operations: Log Notifications

One I get asked quite a lot is: "How do you configure GlassFish to receive notifications/alerts/messages on important log entries?". Seems to be a good topic to blog about.

Jeremy Tess07/19/12
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Developers – Stop Doing Your QA’s Job

We’ve all been there — it’s Friday night, 11PM and the system you just deployed doesn’t work. There’s a bug. Your manager just hung up. You start thinking: Why didn’t QA catch that?

Giorgio Sironi07/18/12
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Lean Tools: Perceived Integrity

Integrity has two forms, and one of them is the user's prerogative.

Tom Howlett07/18/12
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"One Day we May be Craftsman Again"

We live in a world where we are already expected to know, where competence is assumed, but competence disappeared with craftsmanship to be replaced by production lines. Hierarchical management dug the nail in the coffin as the goal became moving up to the next job rather than getting good at the one you’re in.

Alex Tkachman07/17/12
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Kotlin in action: wrapping vert.x

This is pretty short note where I want to show power of Kotlin in real life use.We will wrap amazing vert.x framework in order to make it a bit Kotlin-ish but the main goal will be to show couple of standard ways to wrap existing Java API.Let us start with...

Larry White07/16/12
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10 Books To Make You Smarter (And A Better Worker)

Ten of the best books from the Deathray Research bibliography. Guaranteed to make you smarter about software engineering and the world. Inspired by the book, "This Will Make You Smarter", and my teenage son, who said today “All books are self-help books”. Couldn’t agree more.

Giorgio Sironi07/16/12
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The Roman numerals kata: TDD with and without analysis

A kata can be solved in different ways depending on what we do before starting to code.

Jez Humble07/15/12
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Continuous Deployment and PCI-DSS at Etsy

At DevOpsDays Mountain View I was lucky enough to get some time with Michael Rembetsy, Director of Engineering and Operations at Etsy, which manages to be PCI-DSS compliant while practicing continuous deployment. In this short interview, he describes how they do it.

Aaron Nichols07/13/12
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DevOps is Culture – What Does That Mean?

Somewhere along the way our industry shifted this discussion into a tools discussion & now the amount of noise out there about “DevOps tools” is magnitudes higher than any discussion about the real reason DevOps exists – to shift culture.