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Giorgio Sironi07/11/12
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Lean Tools: Expertise

Are you investing on tech or on people?

Geoffrey Papilion07/10/12
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The Challenge of Small Ops: Part 2 - Monitoring

Its really not that hard; you just need someone to take a breath and plan. The part of monitoring that sucks is the human part, and since your app will not tell people when its up and down, you need a person to think about that for you.

Giorgio Sironi07/09/12
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All debugging and no testing makes the PHP programmer a dull boy

Is remote debugging via an IDE the fastest way to locate a bug in PHP code?

Val Huber07/06/12
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Domain Driven Automation

Develop a database web app with a polished User Interface and complex, multi-table business logic with no code, just 15 annotations? Impossible?? But we need to. Here's how.

Larry White07/05/12
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Positive Software Engineering

What’s unfortunate about this particular fail, is not that it’s ineffective, but that it poisons the environment. Organizations can develop a pervasive culture of finger-pointing, fear and defensiveness.

Giorgio Sironi07/04/12
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Lean tools: Leadership

To manage or to lead, that is the question.

Mitch Pronschinske07/03/12
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The DevOps Cycle

A straightforward, whiteboard presentation of how the DevOps cycle works in the enterprise. Jody Hunt of BMC explains...

Stefano Ricciardi07/02/12
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Top 5 Podcasts for .NET Devs (one for all!)

There are many ways to keep up to date to what’s going on in the software community. Blogs, books, magazines, conferences, discussion groups, mailing lists, you name it… So, should you care about podcasts? They can fit into time when you're doing another task, of course! Here are Stefano Ricciardi's top 5, complete with "Best Episode" and "Signal to Noise" ratios for each.

Mitch Pronschinske07/01/12
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Take the HTML5 Poll, Win a DZone Swag Pack!

Are you interested in finding out which HTML5 specs and other emerging web standards are being implemented in todays websites? Interested in seeing if developers are converting many Flash web components to HTML5? You'll get the answer to these and many other questions by answering 11 easy questions in our HTML5 Zone survey.

Ben Wootton06/30/12
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Where Development Meets QA

In the software world, development and QA are often organised into two separate teams. Some issues may bounce between the teams multiple times before they reach resolution and the release can ship. As a developer, this has always struck me a hugely inefficient workflow.

Jim Bird06/28/12
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Is Copy and Paste Programming Really a Problem?

It’s one of the most cited examples of technical debt, a lazy way of working, sloppy and short-sighted: an antipattern that adds to the long term cost of keeping a code base alive. But it’s also a natural way to get stuff done...

Giorgio Sironi06/27/12
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Lean Tools: Motivation

Motivation does not come from carrots and sticks.

Brian Whalley06/25/12
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The DevOps Reading List: 10 Books & Blogs You Should Be Reading

Here’s a selection of great DevOps-related blogs and books. There’s also a Google Reader bundle or RSS feed that you can use to subscribe at the bottom of that section.

Anders Abel06/25/12
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7 Programmer Recruiting Mistakes

We’ve all met them. The programmers that can’t program. They can hardly write anything that compiles on their own. Producing quality quality code is way above their skills. Trying to find out why, here are 7 common mistakes made during recruiting.

James Betteley06/24/12
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Continuous Delivery, Warts and All

Tools are important, people and relationships are importanter (new word), you should automate everything, take little steps instead of big ones, stick to the principles of continuous delivery. Here's my recent little case study on a client that wanted to implement CD...