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Greg Duncan03/14/12
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Open-source TFS projects on CodePlex

I thought it cool that all these TFS related projects are hosted on CodePlex (which is kind of meta...). There's a number of projects listed here that I'd like to check out...

Giorgio Sironi03/14/12
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Bootstrap: rapid development and the complexity of a framework

Is Bootstrap a tool that saves your time or a giant lock-in for your front end code?

Daniel Jebaraj03/13/12
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For Version Control, Give Git a Try

At my company Syncfusion, use Subversion for version control. Pretty much everyone here swears by it. That said, several of us have been curious about the increasing adoption of Git. One reason that I was particularly interested in Git is for its potential use as a local repository with complete history without the need to run a server. This appealed to me since I could work on pet projects without cluttering up work branches on our subversion servers or going through the hassle of setting up and maintaining my personal Subversion server. This is a basic “How to” article. My intent is to get started with using Git in a practical manner. I do not explain how Git works or how it differs from traditional server-centric version control systems such as Subversion.

Geoffrey Papilion03/13/12
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The 3 Basic Tenets of Monitoring

Geoffrey Papilion ran into an inefficient monitoring situation recently that reminded him of these three basic tenets of monitoring that any shop really ought to follow...

Jim Highsmith03/12/12
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Micromanagement vs. Macromanagement

For this writer, Agile's "don't micromanage" mantra is not always applicable. He discusses Steve Jobs as a questionable model of Aglile development.

Punit Ganshani03/10/12
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TFS Preview - Creating Product Backlog

Product backlog is a task sheet that is slightly different from a to-do list.

Tony Siciliani03/09/12
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A Look at Planning Poker

Planning Poker (AKA the Grenning game) is an agile tool for making estimates on a project. Here's a look on some of the characteristics and possible downsides.

Mitch Pronschinske03/08/12
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Debating the "DevOps" Job Title - In the Workplace and the Job Market

There is a growing number of job postings for people with a "DevOps" job title. Consider these insightful perspectives from Jez Humble, Spike Morelli, and John Vincent (aka. lusis).

Benjamin Mitchell03/06/12
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The Two Hand Rule for Meandering Stand Ups

What's a developer to do when a constructive conversation starts veering off topic?

Steve Hanov03/06/12
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Test Driven Development without Tears

If you are setting up a regression test system, it should be effortless to create a new test, and it should be able to run hundreds of tests in five minutes. Here are the 3 rules you should follow for TDD.

Geoffrey Papilion03/06/12
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Groovy, A Reasonable JVM Language for DevOps

If you're working in a Java with a bunch of Java apps, think about giving Groovy a chance for writing some of your monitoring tests, and metric collectors. It is a simpler language than Java to put together those little applications.

Giorgio Sironi03/06/12
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Asynchronous and negative testing

How to test that something eventually happens or does not happen at all?

Aaron Nichols03/06/12
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Observations on Dev / Ops Culture

Aaron Nichols has worked for 3 SaaS companies now and all 3 have had a meaningful influence in the way he thinks about Operations & Engineering. Find out the important things he learned about Dev and Ops culture in these three companies.

Marc Löffler03/05/12
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10 Ways to Kill Your Retrospective

'Don't prepare anything', 'Start immediately', and 'Don't check if the tasks of the last Retro were done' -- these are just a few ways to disrupt your own retrospective.

Spike Morelli03/05/12
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Why Having "DevOps" in a Job Title Makes Sense

It’s a very legittimate question, Devops is a cultural and professional movement, so how could it be a job title? This article argues that Devops isn’t the job title, Devops Engineer is, and in this sense Devops is just a qualifier and very useful one at that.