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Ranjib Dey05/27/12
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Comparing the Flavors of Config Managment: Chef, Puppet, etc.

Interesting developments are now happening around how you model your system, how you percieve configuration, and whether you correlate the state of an infrastructure with its configuration.

James Betteley05/24/12
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Upcoming Events on Gradle, Jenkins, CD, DevOps, and more

Here’s a bunch of upcoming talks, courses, conferences, things and stuff, which I reckon might be worth checking out.

Alexander Beletsky05/23/12
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Github for Windows Now Available

Alexander Beletsky does a quick overview of what's coming up in the GitHub for Windows build that was recently released by the GitHub team.

Christian Posta05/23/12
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Serious About Your Software Career? Leave your job

In my opinion, you have to experience how problems are solved in different groups, and different companies using different methods, different approaches, etc etc to really become proficient at problem solving

Giorgio Sironi05/23/12
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Lean tools: Making decisions

Distribute decision making for a team that doesn't depend on a single leader.

Giorgio Sironi05/21/12
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The surgery metaphor

Is surgery a good metaphor for a software developers work and training?

Jim Bird05/21/12
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Software Development Metrics that Matter

How can we get better, or know that we need to get better, or know if we are getting better, if we can’t or don’t measure something? How can we tell if a new approach is helping, or make a business case for more people or a rewrite, or even justify our existing costs in hard times, without proof?

John Dobie05/17/12
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Easy Unit and Integration Code Coverage

This example shows how to generate coverage for unit and integration tests using Maven and Sonar. It uses very simple techniques and should only take 10-15 minutes to get running in any existing Maven build.

Patrick Debois05/15/12
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Codifying DevOps

This blogpost is a first stab at providing a structure to codify devops practices. The wording, descriptions are pretty much work in progress, but I found them important enough to share to get your feedback.

Willie Wheeler05/13/12
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Devops: What it is and Why you Should be Doing it

We’ll move past the fluffy characterization involving developers and operations working together joyously—not to mention the outright wrong characterization of one superrole that does it all—and get to the heart of what devops is really about.

Partha Bhattacharjee05/13/12
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Categorize tests to reduce build time.

In Agile programming, one of the basic concepts is to run unit tests every once in a while (multiple times in a day on developer boxes) and enforce the integration tests to run once a day (on continuous integration server rather than on developer boxes).

Nicolas Frankel05/09/12
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Specification by Example review

Facts 18 chapters, 254 pages, $29.21This book covers Specifications by Example (you could have guessed it from the title). In effect, SBE are a way to build the right software (for the...

Kief Morris05/09/12
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Continuous Delivery vs. Traditional Agile

There can be friction between the various ways agile teams work, and it seems that the root of the conflict between agile and continuous delivery is the approach to making software "ready for release."

Giorgio Sironi05/09/12
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Lean Tools: the Last Responsible Moment

Delaying commitment is good to mitigate risk: but delaying commitment does not mean never make a decision.

Jim Bird05/08/12
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Application Security at Scale

This week’s SANS AppSec conference in Las Vegas took on Application Security at Scale: how can we scale application security programs and technologies to big organizations, to small organizations and across organizations to millions of programmers world wide.