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Paul Underwood06/04/14
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Load Scripts Dynamically With jQuery

A common tactic to help speed up your website is to use a technique called lazy loading. You can do the same with other resources such as JavaScript or CSS files, you can make sure you only load in the script as and when they need them to be used.

Steven Willmott06/04/14
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Copyright and APIs, Reflecting on Oracle vs Google

The Court Judgement in favor of Oracle in the Oracle v’s Google Java Lawsuit has caused a lot of debate online (CNET, Wired, Vox, GigaOm). Part of the coverage focused on the potential implications for Google. However, the deeper point is that there are collateral effects way beyond a single company.

Johanna Rothman06/04/14
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How Serving Is Your Leadership?

I once worked for a manager who thought everyone should bow down and kiss his feet.

Rob Galanakis06/04/14
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Should a team be able to abort a sprint?

As a senior person, I had a responsibility to speak up. As a team member, I had a responsibility to get our work done. I don’t know if I made the right choice in this instance.

Mark Morrell06/04/14
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Improve collaboration to increase employee engagement

Many people are now very savvy about how they use the internet to share knowledge, build up contacts, help solve a problem. This especially can apply to new recruits who choose your organisation to work for.

Dror Helper06/04/14
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What's Wrong with Test-Driven Development (TDD)

I was asked to talk about the problems of using TDD – being me I’ve decided to do the exact opposite, this session was names “what is wrong with TDD”. I felt that one of the major issues is that TDD looks weird, it’s counter-intuitive, and convincing developers to actually try it hard and requires a mental leap of faith.

Mike Bushong06/03/14
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Networking lessons from high-performance car racing

One of the core aspects of SDN is the presence of some sort of central control. This is useful because a global view of the resource allows the controller to do intelligent things with network workloads.

Roman Pichler06/03/14
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Every Great Product Owner Needs a Great ScrumMaster

To do a great job, product owners need a strong ScrumMaster at their side. This post explains the differences between the two roles, what product owners should expect from their ScrumMaster, and what the ScrumMasters are likely to expect from them.

Angela Ashenden06/03/14
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The True Cost of Enabling Social Collaboration

We have thankfully largely moved beyond the days when business execs believed that they could change their businesses on a shoestring budget through the introduction and viral adoption of free or very low-cost social collaboration tools.

Cedric Beust06/03/14
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Swift: Apple's new language

Apple just announced a new language called Swift. I took a look at the language manual, here is a quick overview:

Allan Kelly06/03/14
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Inconvenient Truths of Project Status Reporting

As the title suggests the article looks at why project status reporting, specifically for IT projects, so often fails to alert companies of the problems in project work.

Lorna Mitchell06/03/14
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Colourless Git Output

I teach git and often have issues with bad projectors where you can't see the colours. There's lots of documentation on how to turn on colours in git but not so much about how to turn them off. Try putting the following into .git/config:

Mark Needham06/02/14
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Thoughts on Meetups

We’ve ... been experimenting with the idea that one size doesn’t need to fit all by running different styles of meetups aimed at different people.

Alec Noller06/02/14
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Introducing DZone's 2014 Guide to Mobile Development

Making informed decisions about mobile development requires an understanding of a wide variety of tools, strategies, and challenges, as well as careful consideration of the benefits and costs of every choice. DZone's 2014 Guide to Mobile Development was produced to help you understand these choices.

Shannon Behrens06/02/14
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Being Turing Complete Ain't All That and a Bag of Chips

I was talking to someone the other day. He said that given two Turing Complete programming languages, A and B, if you can write a program in A, you can write a similar program in B. Is that true? I suspect not.