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Douglas Rathbone04/10/12
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I’m a Junior Developer – You Probably are Too

I have been developing software since I was 10. Commercially since I was 14 and 9 months (this is the legal age in Australia to work). I've created many different types of software in many different programming languages and I’ve lead teams. All this has made one thing very clear to me: I know nothing...

Giorgio Sironi04/10/12
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Software versions, the necessary evil

Stick to 1.2.5rc4 on PHP 5.2.9 or upgrade? That is the question.

Giorgio Sironi04/09/12
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The Page Object pattern

How to eliminate duplication from the end-to-end tests of a web application.

Ranjib Dey04/08/12
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Infrastructure Tooling Patterns List

Following is a categorized list of tools that Ranjib Dey has learned/used as a sysadmin and DevOps dude at ThoughtWorks while maintaining their distributed infrastructure, setting up private cloud installations, and in many different client gigs.

Dave Rooney04/08/12
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Agile in its Second Decade

For quite some time I've been working on a post to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. I suppose that, as the 11th anniversary has now passed, it would be rather silly to continue to celebrate the 10th! :)

Spike Morelli04/08/12
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Are DevOps Followers Just "Rabid" Puppet & Chef Users?

The DevOps google group recently discussed the perception of DevOps followers as folks who are users, developers, and fans of chef, puppet, and similar tools. Most people on the group agreed that this perception cannot become reality for DevOps to succeed as a movement.

Valerie Andrianova04/06/12
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YouTrack 4.0 EAP With Agile Project Management Is Open!

YouTrack 4.0 is fully devoted to agile project management. Now it’s time to lift the curtain and unveil a completely new module in YouTrack, called Agile.

Aaron Nichols04/06/12
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Why do we Insist on Consensus when Creating the Role of "Ops"?

I’ve seen so many threads over the last few weeks about who should do what, why, and what you should do about it if you don’t conform. I don’t get it. Ops is a team in a company – there are lots of types of companies. Companies typically have a few goals:

Douglas Rathbone04/05/12
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CI – Third Party Tools Live in Your Source Control

Hear about the interesting discussion around third party build dependencies such as unit testing frameworks, database versioning tools and other command line executables in your build. The topic of these discussions has been about where these dependencies should be located, inside your project, or installed on your build server.

Eric Minick04/04/12
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Curing Continuous Delivery Headaches: UrbanCode Tools Level Up

The Continuous Delivery toolmakers over at UrbanCode released two significant upgrades to their toolsets for helping companies follow the DevOps philosophy - a new version for uDeploy, for release automation, and and an upgrade to Anthill Pro, their Continuous Delivery pipline platform.

Giorgio Sironi04/04/12
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Commodities in the IT world

Commoditization is a process which happen in every domain - but we should be aware of it if we want a successful career as a programmer.

Mitch Pronschinske04/03/12
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Watch DevOps Days Live Right Here!

When DevOps Days in Austin, TX was announced a couple of months ago, the event was sold out the day after it was announced and had a waitlist of over 100. So the organizers at DevOps Days decided to stream some of the key sessions live! (a move which Google also made after I/O sold out in minutes) So without further adieu, here is the embedded stream of DevOps Days 2012 Austin.

Giorgio Sironi04/03/12
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Lean tools: Feedback

Feedback is the basic tool that makes simple models work - from requirements to development and testing.

Giorgio Sironi04/02/12
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Finding wiring bugs

Unit tests are not sufficient for a complete test suite, but end-to-end tests are slow. Here's a further category of tests.

Ranjib Dey03/31/12
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Consuming Chef API from Any Script - Part 1

At ThoughtWorks, they use chef not only for configuration management but also for provisioning instances. This post by a ThoughtWorks DevOps-er showcases how Chef can be used from any script if you have an API client configured.