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Eric Genesky03/19/12
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Video: Exploiting the Cloud for Speedy Development and Continuous Delivery

This Agile Web Practices webinar follows the announcement of a partnership between CollabNet and CloudBees. It shows how to efficiently develop/deploy in the cloud and reduce overall cost.

Bob Hartman03/19/12
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New to agile? Learn how to fail well

Agile teams will have times when they “fail.” I know a lot of people dislike using the words “fail” and “failure” when talking about team results. I’m actually pretty tired of that argument because I don’t think it helps anyone

Jim Bird03/19/12
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Defensive Programming vs. Batshit Crazy Paranoid Programming

There’s healthy paranoia, then there’s over-the-top-error-checking, and then there’s bat shit crazy crippling paranoia – where defensive programming takes over and turns in on itself. Jim Bird shows us some tips for defensive (paranoid) programming that aren't over-the-top.

Giorgio Sironi03/19/12
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Lean Tools: Seeing Waste

To be able to eliminate waste, you have to be aware of all the forms it presents itself in.

Ranjib Dey03/19/12
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4 Reasons Continuous Delivery is Now Possible

Ranjib Dey explores what he thinks are the few critical points that make CD or continuous delivery feasible now. Contrasting his viewpoints is some commentary from Dave Farely, the author of "Continuous Delivery".

Carlos Sanchez03/18/12
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Infrastructure as Code - The Key to DevOps

It's true that DevOps is not about the tools in the same way that agile is not about the tools either, it’s a set of ideas, concepts, best practices,… but there is agreement that tools that allow us to deal with infrastructure as code are key on implementing DevOps concepts.

Hamid Shojaee03/15/12
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Scrum Overview Infographic

This infographic is brought to you by the team behind the "Scrum in 10 Minutes" video.

Giorgio Sironi03/15/12
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Test-Driven Emergent Design vs. Analysis

Can we build anything with TDD, or do we need some design up front?

Greg Duncan03/14/12
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Open-source TFS projects on CodePlex

I thought it cool that all these TFS related projects are hosted on CodePlex (which is kind of meta...). There's a number of projects listed here that I'd like to check out...

Giorgio Sironi03/14/12
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Bootstrap: rapid development and the complexity of a framework

Is Bootstrap a tool that saves your time or a giant lock-in for your front end code?

Daniel Jebaraj03/13/12
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For Version Control, Give Git a Try

At my company Syncfusion, use Subversion for version control. Pretty much everyone here swears by it. That said, several of us have been curious about the increasing adoption of Git. One reason that I was particularly interested in Git is for its potential use as a local repository with complete history without the need to run a server. This appealed to me since I could work on pet projects without cluttering up work branches on our subversion servers or going through the hassle of setting up and maintaining my personal Subversion server. This is a basic “How to” article. My intent is to get started with using Git in a practical manner. I do not explain how Git works or how it differs from traditional server-centric version control systems such as Subversion.

Geoffrey Papilion03/13/12
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The 3 Basic Tenets of Monitoring

Geoffrey Papilion ran into an inefficient monitoring situation recently that reminded him of these three basic tenets of monitoring that any shop really ought to follow...

Jim Highsmith03/12/12
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Micromanagement vs. Macromanagement

For this writer, Agile's "don't micromanage" mantra is not always applicable. He discusses Steve Jobs as a questionable model of Aglile development.

Punit Ganshani03/10/12
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TFS Preview - Creating Product Backlog

Product backlog is a task sheet that is slightly different from a to-do list.

Tony Siciliani03/09/12
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A Look at Planning Poker

Planning Poker (AKA the Grenning game) is an agile tool for making estimates on a project. Here's a look on some of the characteristics and possible downsides.