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Chris Smith01/18/12
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Dreadnot Goes Open-Source

Rackspace has announced that Dreadnot, a Node.js application aimed at helping software developers better monitor their projects as they are deployed, will be open-source.  The goal of Dreadnot is to facilitate a continuous development methodology that allows...

John Esposito01/18/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Ask DZ - What's the best programming advice you've ever got?

For example, Travis Griggs' blog post explains some of the best OOP advice he ever received.What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you, and why it was so good? Maybe include some particular projects the advice helped you with, or how the advice...

Giorgio Sironi01/18/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Interface

A concrete class still defines an implicit interface by itself, as the set of its public methods. When the called interface is a subset of this, or it is depended upon in multiple places, it is interesting to make it explicit.The Extract Interface refactoring...

Chris Smith01/18/12
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Does DevOps Require Private Cloud?

Although some people with very little understanding of IT will say that cloud computing eliminates the need for Operations, and therefore DevOps, the developers and sysadmins in the trenches know that cloud computing could actually bring more opportunities...

Giorgio Sironi01/16/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Superclass

In the scenario of today, there are two or more unrelated classes with similar members, like common methods or fields. While these classes may be already linked on the semantical level (via duplicated names or namespaces), there is nothing that ties them in...

Cody Powell01/16/12
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Operations should Communicate Close to the Change

I have said this before but it bears repeating. If you are making a change and you want people to know you have made a change, add a note where someone is most likely to come in contact with your note. If you are editing a file, add a comment to the bit...

Jim Bird01/14/12
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Static Analysis isn’t Development Testing

I constantly get emails from Static Analysis vendors telling me why I need to buy their technology. Recently I’ve been receiving emails explaining how my team can use static analysis tools to do impressive things like “test millions of complex lines of...

Brian Swan01/13/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: 3 Components of a Successful Project

Earlier this month I attended the monthly meeting of the Seattle PHP Meetup Group. In ways I didn’t expect, it was a very interesting meeting. The content itself was interesting enough (we were talking about database design), but what I found even more...

Mark Needham01/13/12
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The Language of Risk

A few weeks ago Chris Matts wrote an interesting blog post ‘the language of risk‘ in which he describes an approach he used to explain the processes his team uses to an auditor. Why did the auditor like what I said? Because I explained everything we did...

Giorgio Sironi01/12/12
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Open/Closed Principle on real world code

This article shows an example of how the application of the Open/Closed Principle improved the design of a real project, the open source library PHPUnit_Selenium. These design concepts apply to every object-oriented language, including Java, Ruby or even C++.

Abby Fichtner01/11/12
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Kanban is the New Scrum

Maybe it’s all the time I spend with startups, but while I strongly value Scrum’s ideas behind self-organizing teams & continual feedback – I can’t help but feel Kanban represents the next level of agility, giving us more flexibility and...

Dennis Doomen01/11/12
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In Retrospect: About getting through your Sprint

This is the fourth of several posts in which I’d like to share some of the things we learned throughout more than a year of Agile development using Scrum. Some of them might appear as open doors, but I wish I knew or thought about those before I started...

Patrick Debois01/11/12
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Devops a Wicked problem

One of the strong pillars of devops (if not the strongest) is the collaboration/communication. For the talk about Devops Metrics for Velocity 2011 I researched how to prove collaboration is a good thing: while discussing devops to people it sometimes comes...

Giorgio Sironi01/11/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Subclass

So far, we have only treated the movement of object members (fields and methods, and constructor as special methods); the assumption we made was that these members are moved between classes in an hierarchy which already exist.Larger scale refactorings involve...

Patrick Debois01/11/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: 8 Ways to Share Your Git Repository

This blogpost provides a summary of different ways to share a git repository. Depending on your needs you can opt for different solutions.