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Mitch Pronschinske03/08/12
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Debating the "DevOps" Job Title - In the Workplace and the Job Market

There is a growing number of job postings for people with a "DevOps" job title. Consider these insightful perspectives from Jez Humble, Spike Morelli, and John Vincent (aka. lusis).

Benjamin Mitchell03/06/12
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The Two Hand Rule for Meandering Stand Ups

What's a developer to do when a constructive conversation starts veering off topic?

Steve Hanov03/06/12
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Test Driven Development without Tears

If you are setting up a regression test system, it should be effortless to create a new test, and it should be able to run hundreds of tests in five minutes. Here are the 3 rules you should follow for TDD.

Geoffrey Papilion03/06/12
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Groovy, A Reasonable JVM Language for DevOps

If you're working in a Java with a bunch of Java apps, think about giving Groovy a chance for writing some of your monitoring tests, and metric collectors. It is a simpler language than Java to put together those little applications.

Giorgio Sironi03/06/12
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Asynchronous and negative testing

How to test that something eventually happens or does not happen at all?

Aaron Nichols03/06/12
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Observations on Dev / Ops Culture

Aaron Nichols has worked for 3 SaaS companies now and all 3 have had a meaningful influence in the way he thinks about Operations & Engineering. Find out the important things he learned about Dev and Ops culture in these three companies.

Marc Löffler03/05/12
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10 Ways to Kill Your Retrospective

'Don't prepare anything', 'Start immediately', and 'Don't check if the tasks of the last Retro were done' -- these are just a few ways to disrupt your own retrospective.

Spike Morelli03/05/12
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Why Having "DevOps" in a Job Title Makes Sense

It’s a very legittimate question, Devops is a cultural and professional movement, so how could it be a job title? This article argues that Devops isn’t the job title, Devops Engineer is, and in this sense Devops is just a qualifier and very useful one at that.

Troy Hunt03/04/12
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The 10 Commandments of Good Source Control Management

These are the 10 best pieces of advice you can get for having good source control management. These examples are all relevant to version control products of all types and programming languages of all flavors.

Mitch Pronschinske03/02/12
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Continuous Delivery for .NET - Go 12.1 Adds Direct TFS Support

With the release of Go 12.1 (new versioning), which adds Team Foundation Server integration, Microsoft's push for the integration of its own DevOps-ified tools, like Microsoft Operations Manager (now integrated in VS11), might have some competition from outsiders like ThoughtWorks.

Swizec Teller03/01/12
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Unit testing is for lazy people

The other day I was talking to a guy about a possible freelancing gig and he said how wonderful it was that I should bring up the topic of unit/automated testing without being asked. He said that most (many?) developers don’t have the level of rigor to use automated testing. My reaction was one of disbelief “Rigor!? But automated testing is one of the laziest things a developer can do! It speeds stuff up so much!”

John Esposito02/29/12
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Visual Studio 11 Beta Now Available

Today's the big beta day! Today Microsoft launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta. This article summarizes and links many launch resources, intended for both users and developers. I'll include more details on the Visual Studio 11 Beta launch in a later post.

Mitch Pronschinske02/29/12
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DZone Meetup Strikes Sofia, Bulgaria!

After 2 hugely successful DZone VIP meetups in Cary, NC (USA) and Colombo, Sri Lanka, a third meetup concluded last month in Sofia, Bulgaria - organized by one of DZone's team members, Jordan Jambazov. See pics and user reflections on the meetup

Giorgio Sironi02/28/12
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TDD in Python in 5 minutes

Python ships a unit testing framework which is really easy to test-drive your code with.

Chris Smith02/28/12
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SST Development Visualization (October 10 2010 thru February 26, 2012

Corey Goldberg ran Gource against the trunk branch of Selenuim Simple Test (SST) to creat this amazing visualization of development activity from October 10, 2010 to February 26, 2012.