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Mike Dirolf11/16/11
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Using Puppet to Deploy with a Push

Prior to Fiesta my ops background was pretty minimal. Managing ops for Fiesta quickly taught me the value of a configuration management system like Puppet. I think it’s a great tool and we’ll probably do some more posts about how we’re putting it...

Roger Hughes11/16/11
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The Misuse of End To End Tests - Testing Techniques 2

My last blog was the first in a series of blogs on approaches to testing code, outlining a simple scenario of retrieving an address from a database using a very common pattern:

Giorgio Sironi11/16/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Parameterize Method

In the scenario of today, multiple methods executs mostly the same logic: you can see a strong duplication of code between them, or identical delegation steps.These methods however, are slightly different, so much that the duplication is not obvious. In the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/15/11
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NoSQL Zone - The Sequel to SQL

Isn't it about time you had a place where you could go to get fresh news and articles focused solely on NoSQL technology everyday?Other sites may cover just one facet, or write one post every 3 weeks, but DZone's new NoSQL Zone has its hand on the pulse of...

Giorgio Sironi11/15/11
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Selenium 2 from PHP code

Selenium 2, the new iteration of the end-to-end web application testing tool, contains some fancy innovations over its 1.x version: it controls browser directly via the OS, instead of generating JS commands. It's also more reliable than the 1.x as it features...

Nirav Assar11/15/11
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Pragmatic Thinking: Novice vs Expert

Recently I started reading Andy Hunt's fine book "Pragmatic Thinking And Learning." Hunt is notorious for writing books which offer practical, insightful advice in which developers can apply to their work on a daily basis.  His most famous book...

Mitch Pronschinske11/14/11
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DevOps Tweets of the Week - 11/14

Always entertaining are the insightful or agitated comments from developers and sysadmins on twitter.  The DevOps community has quite a strong twitter presence where plenty of people sound off on what's got them angry or excited.  Here are some of the best...

Venkatesh Kris...11/14/11
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Agile Project Contracts and the Trust Factor

Writing contracts is a key topic for the sales team getting involved in Agile projects.  In the  projects applying traditional methodology, companies had zeroed down on two popular models that are:  1. Fixed Price and 2. T & M (Time...

Wille Faler11/14/11
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Why I love Test Driven Development

There are too many reasons to recount in full why Test Driven Development (TDD) is great: finding bugs early, getting double-sided checking of code (test vs. code, how do they match up?), it drives good API design, tests effectively document what your code...

Mark Needham11/14/11
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The 5 whys: Another attempt

Towards the end of the week before last and the beginning of last week we’d been having quite a few problems with our QA environment to the point where we were unable to deploy anything to it for 3 days. A few weeks ago I wrote about a 5 whys exercise...

Mitch Pronschinske11/14/11
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Sometimes it *IS* about the Tools—Solving Cultural Issues with Software

While it is generally true that you can't solve a soft skill issue with technology, there are cases where tooling can help promote greater cultural harmony among team members. This talk from DevOpsDays Goteborg 2011 covers which types and...

Giorgio Sironi11/14/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Separate Query from Modifier

In the (recurring) scenario of today, a method modifies the state of an object and returns something at the same time. In this case, the method is an hybrid between:

Paul Stack11/14/11
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Is Implementing Continuous Delivery the Key to Success?

“Until your pretty code is in production, making money, or doing whatever it does, you've just wasted your time” - Chris Read whilst at London CI.In my opinion, this quote really sums up software development. Process and red tape are becoming an obstacle...

Kelly Waters11/14/11
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7 Reasons why Continuous Delivery needs to be a BUSINESS initiative

One of the key practices of agile and lean teams is the idea of Continuous Delivery.  If not continuous, then at least very frequent! ThoughtWorks has an area of their web site dedicated to Continuous Delivery, and also a really interesting webinar that...