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Giorgio Sironi02/15/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Hierarchy

God classes contain many conditionals and switches: extracting a hierarchy is a possible step to make the design manageable.

John Esposito02/15/12
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Ask DZ: What Features Would an Ideal IDE Have?

You may love your IDE, but even the best IDE can get better. Or you may be chugging along with a free, open-source, but less-than-perfect IDE, plugging the functionality gaps with plugins that may or may not integrate perfectly. So, DZonistas: what features would an ideal IDE have?

Mitch Pronschinske02/14/12
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Is DevOps a Power Grab?

One blogger has made his opinion known about DevOps recently, calling it a power grab for devs and cloud vendors who envision a "NoOps" world. I have a few opinions about what he says, but let's hear what you think.

Giorgio Sironi02/13/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Separate Domain from Presentation

SQL and HTML are not friends. Separating concerns is the most basic step for building a maintainable web application instead of a big ball of mud.

Jp Morgenthal02/13/12
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Dependency Creep on Cloud Migration: A Potential Solution

This article suggests a common solution to the common problem of users trying to access information within a company using applications that have not been developed as part of a cohesive strategy. Morgenthal looks to DevOps to foster communication between engineering and operations.

Ayende Rahien02/13/12
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The Economics of Continuous Deployment

Selling software is hard. Ayende Rahien knows because he has his own product that he sells. One of the big difficulties is how to keep improving the product so that there are continual 'major' new releases with new features that are enticing enough for people to buy the next version. Join in Ayende's discussion on the best ways to monetize our software with concepts like continuous deployment.

Aaron Nichols02/11/12
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The Never Shrinking Result of Consistent Review

The problem with turning over rocks is that there’s usually ugly stuff hiding underneath. You retro every 2 weeks and you list out all the stuff that isn’t working. You diligently collect all the deltas and turn those into actions. You collect all the actions from your retro’s and your post-mortems and you track them in a tool where they sit… forever.

Nirav Assar02/11/12
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That's Not Agile!

If you work with a bunch of agile minded developers, you often hear the phrase "That's not Agile!" It's quite humorous to hear, because it comes up all the time.

Benjamin Mitchell02/10/12
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8 Useful Management Improvment Resources

This edition of Management Improvement Carnival offers a series of useful links to mangaement-related posts focused on the psychology of change. Featured authors include Gerald Weinberg, David Kasprzak, Ben Decker, Tobias Fors and Barbara Alexander.

Giorgio Sironi02/09/12
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The Decorator pattern, or its cousin, in JavaScript

The JavaScript version of Decorator seems different, due to the absence of interfaces. Moreover, using prototypes we can achieve automatically the delegation of methods without boilerplate code.

Troy Hunt02/08/12
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Automate Your DB Releases with TeamCity and Red Gate

Database source control is no longer negotiable. Databases are an essential component of many of the applications we build and to deny them the value of VCS is just crazy talk. Learn how to make a repeatable continuous integration build for your DB.

Judah Johns02/08/12
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Easiest Way to Deploy ColdFusion to the Cloud

Learn how to deploy a Cold Fusion 9 application to the cloud using Jelastic. This tutorial will take you through creating an environment, the WAR file, and deploying the Java package.

Giorgio Sironi02/08/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Convert Procedural Design to Objects

Sticking a list of functions into classes doesn't make a procedural design more object-oriented. Take a first step towards object-orientation: refactoring from procedures and records to objects which encapsulate their state.

Aaron Nichols02/08/12
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Who's Responsible for This? Strategies Ops Teams

You need to learn these strategies if you're looking to establish ownership in your Operations team. You'll learn about the roles and responsibilities matrix and then define cross-functional areas. This means that you'll be working with people outside operations (a la DevOps) and you'll have to learn some techniques for tracking and communicating work as well as rotating roles.

Steve Ciske02/07/12
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Teach Teams to Win AND Fail

Ciske uses an early experience as a development team manager as a springboard into a discussion of her first hire, and how he changed her philosophy about the importance of holding team members accountable for company problems.