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Mitch Pronschinske10/28/11
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Video: Fire your 90's Ops Team if...

Some DevOps humor has arrived for you on this Friday afternoon.  The video here is by Paul Stelligent (Author of our CI and Continuous Delivery Refcardz) via...

Dror Helper10/28/11
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Is it ok to have technical debt?

Technical debt and design debt are synonymous, neologistic metaphors referring to the eventual consequences of slapdash software architecture and hasty software development. Code debt refers to technical debt within a codebase. [From Wikipedia]

Henry Lee10/28/11
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Custom Versioning Strategy on TFS 2010 for Windows Phone

Read this tutorial that shows you how to implement the major.minor.build.revision format in Team Foundation Server while developing Windows Phone apps.Recently, I started to build many Windows Phone 7 applications and I decided to take the next step and...

John Esposito10/27/11
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Wired Magazine Recognizes DevOps as "Sexy IT"

Wired magazine just jumped on the DevOps bandwagon.Okay, so automated configuration management isn't exactly news to DZoners. (Seriously -- we have a whole Microzone devoted to DevOps alone.) But when Wired Enterprise picks up a technology, you know it's...

Israel Gat10/27/11
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A New Context for Agile

Readers of both the Cutter Blog and The Agile Executive are probably familiar with my my view that Agile nowadays is deployed in a new context. The Agile roll-out is at the very heart of the confluence of major changes in markets, value chains and...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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Sysadmin Culture Needs Innovation: ITIL's Are Not The Answer

When a developer searches for solutions to an issue, they search for people who have dealt with a similar situation.  This search usually results in finding multiple blogs on a problem with competing philosophies that help give a multi-faceted view of the...

Mitch Pronschinske10/26/11
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The Firefox 7 Sync Meltdown: An Interesting Postmortem

You may have noticed major performance issues with Firefox Sync over the last few days if you use the feature.  The Mozilla Service Operations have written up a very comprehensive and honest postmortem, just as you would expect from an open source,...

Mitch Pronschinske10/26/11
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Will Sysadmins Automate Themselves Out of a Job? Did C put Assembly Writers out of a Job?

Sysadmins commonly ask questions like "will documentation or automation of my tasks put me out of a job?"  Tom Limoncelli, better known as the 'Everything Sysadmin' says, "Neither could be further from the truth." 

Gareth Rushgrove10/26/11
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Vagrant Plugin For Interacting With Vagrantbox.es

After Patrick released Sahara, a nifty extension for the Vagrant command line tool, I’ve been meaning to put together a similar extension for interacting with the growing list of base boxes on vagrantbox.es.

Giorgio Sironi10/26/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Introduce Null Object

In the scenario of today, we see repeated checks for an object's equality to null, false or another scalar value without behavior. These checks take a form like !== null and !== false in PHP. These multiple checks are the sign that a relevant case is not...

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/11
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HP Gives DevOps Tips

There are a couple of useful nuggets of advice for implementing DevOps philosophies in a new post on HP's blog.  While many of the points have been mentioned before, it's important to note a few practical tips they gave for operations and developers.  For...

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/11
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Chef Adds More Cookbooks for Windows

Today Opscode announced new Chef cookbooks for integration with server instances running Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server and PowerShell.

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/11
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Video: "Super Fresh Code" - The Next Step in Continuous Delivery

Israel Gat of Cutter Consortium speaks with DZone on his two sessions at Agile 2011, one of which is about his new methodology for taking DevOps and Continuous...

Giorgio Sironi10/25/11
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Getting started with Selenium 2

Selenium 2 features new Api and implementations which goes under the name of WebDriver. It's a simpler, faster, object-oriented Api that applies to modern web application testing problems. No more sending hexedecimal numbers into an element for writing text!

Jim Bird10/25/11
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Rolling Forward and other Deployment Myths

There is more and more writing on Devops lately, which is good and bad. There still remains a small core of thoughtful people that are worth listening to and learning from. There’s more and more marketing from vendors and consultants jumping on the...