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Giorgio Sironi10/05/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Decompose Conditional

The terminology we will use in these articles on conditionals will be the following:a conditional is a whole if/else or switch statement and its content. It is composed by a condition and various blocks that are alternatively executed.the various blocks are...

Mitch Pronschinske10/05/11
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HTML5 Zone - A Dojo for Web Ninjas

The Web as a platform is changing faster every day—blink, and you're behind.  Just look at the version numbers of browsers lately.  This year we started with IE9, Chrome 8, and Firefox 4.  Next year, we could see IE11, Chrome 20, and Firefox 12.  The...

Jim Bird10/05/11
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Has Static Analysis reached its limits?

HP’s acquisition of Fortify last year (which I am sure has made some people at Kleiner Perkins happy) has made me think some more about static analysis and the state of the technology.

Giorgio Sironi10/04/11
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The Goal of software development

The Goal by Eli Goldratt is a business book in the form of a novel, where the protagonist must save his factory from closing due to very low productivity.

Giorgio Sironi10/03/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Subclass with Fields

Sometimes a refactoring that start from type codes take the inverse direction.One common case is when a hierarchy of subclasses presents variations only in constant data returned by public methods, or protected methods called as hooks.These variations are...

Martin Hinshelwood10/01/11
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Are Scrum Masters agents for change?

If you are interested in finding out more about Scrum and how to implement it you might be interested in the Professional Scrum Master certification.

Wille Faler10/01/11
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Developers Must Feel the Pain of Operations

I firmly believe that software developers not being responsible for their software in production is as damaging, bad and stupid as bankers not being responsible for their losses. To further the analogy by paraphrasing a commonly used derogatory term about...

Jim Moscater09/29/11
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Meet Up With DZone @ JavaOne 2011 and Oracle Open World In San Francisco!!

Interested in being a major player in one of the largest developer communities on the web? Do you have a knack for finding and sharing awesome developer content? Do you want to be a recognized name in your space and a major driver of discussions and knowledge...

Giorgio Sironi09/29/11
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Pretotyping: a complete example

Pretotyping is a technique for testing user reception to a new product, before even building a functional prototype; what is put under questioning in pretotyping is business viability, not technical feasibility.After reading the Pretotype It book in one sit,...

Dawn Cannan09/29/11
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What do you mean, don't submit bugs?

Of all of my "aha!" moments in transitioning from a waterfall-style QA person to an agile tester, the one I am about to talk about is *definitely* in the top 3. Top 5, most .... *Definitely* top 10. :)I have to give my credit to Janet Gregory,...

Giorgio Sironi09/28/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Type Code with State or Strategy

This article is the third and last part of the refactoring from type codes miniseries.

Rob Williams09/27/11
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Few Random Reflections on Agile

The ten year mark just passed on the Agile Manifesto. It brought out quite a lot of commentary from the Tribe Elders, and frankly, most of it was depressingly insipid. It reached something of a crescendo for me reading Jim Highsmith‘s piece in Dr. Dobbs,...

Mitch Pronschinske09/27/11
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Continuous Integration: Why You Don't Really "Get It"

A vast majority of daily practitioners of Continuous Integration don't really understand it. This is a bold statement, I know. But it is not made to simply capture attention. Most practitioners of Continuous Integration, when asked, will either tell...

Jim Bird09/27/11
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Sad State of Secure Software Maintenance

This is sad. No, it's not sad, it's sick. I'm looking for ideas and clear thinking about secure software maintenance. But I can't find anything beyond a couple of articles on Software Security in Legacy Systems by Craig Miller and Carl Weber at Cigital. I...

Giorgio Sironi09/26/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Type Code with Subclasses

This is the second part in the refactoring from type codes miniseries: type codes are scalar fields that can assume a finite number of values.