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Giorgio Sironi11/23/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Preserve Whole Object

In the scenario of today, we are extracting some fields or calculated values from an object, and then calling a method somewhere else by passing them in as parameters.The code under scrutiny has dependencies both on the object, the method to call and the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/23/11
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DevOps is not an absolute. It's a range

Abstract by Mitchell Hashimoto: Many still consider and talk about DevOps as an absolute thing: developers and operations are the same thing. Of course, this is not the case. DevOps is a range, where on the far left we have old-style ops (very exclusive)...

Krishna Kumar11/23/11
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The Resistance Against Requirements Specifications

Martin Fowler re-posted this article from 2004:

David Pell11/22/11
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Debate: Is Agile a Religion?

Three years ago Tony Morris asserted that Agile is a non-idea, an unfalsifiable pseudo-science.  To illustrate his claims he drew an analogy between Agile and his conception of religion:

Giorgio Sironi11/22/11
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Setting up a LAMP box with Puppet

In the last weeks, we saw how VirtualBox can build empty virtual machines, provided at the hardware level. We also configured a Linux virtual server with Vagrant, which is able to quickly build a virtual machine from a template (called box).

Mitch Pronschinske11/22/11
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Hiring and embedding new team members at Hyves

The leaders at Hyves stumbled into DevOps by accident five years ago, when nobody (including them) was aware that it was actually a cultural movement. They've been practicing with trial and error on how to go about this DevOps thing ever since... How do...

David Pell11/21/11
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The Personal Side of Developing in the Cloud

As access to powerful cloud computing solutions increases,  you may find yourself asking if moving your project to a cloud-based development environment is a good idea.  In a recent article at CM Crossroads, Leslie Sachs offers a useful reflection on the...

Giorgio Sironi11/21/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Parameter with Explicit Methods

The refactoring of today breaks up a method into multiple ones: it chops the method in pieces according to the code that is executed in response to one of the parameters. This parameter can only assume several values, or several equivalent class of values;...

Esther Derby 11/21/11
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Agile Managers Don't Need to Establish Pecking Orders

A participant in one of my workshops of my workshops declared that in every team there is pecking order….and every one knows what the order is from one to n.  Since this is the case, he reasoned, it follows that ranking people in organizations is a...

Mitch Pronschinske11/21/11
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DevOps State of the Union

John "Botchagalupe" Willis knows how to give a lively and humorous presentation.  He starts this one off saying it's going to be all about PUPPET VS CHEF!  And then he says 'oh, wrong slides'.  And he continues to give a great talk (video and...

Robert Diana11/20/11
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15 Tenets For The Software Engineer

Many people talk about the things a software engineer needs to know in order to be successful in their job. Other people talk about the traits needed to be successful. Typically, these posts may read differently but there are many similarities between the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/18/11
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A Career in Web Operations

Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI) takes us on a whirlwind tour through the world of web operations and try to get a handle on both why it is a challenging...

Martin Fowler11/18/11
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Martin Fowler: Specification By Example

I was attending a workshop at XP/Agile Universe in 2002 when the phrase 'Specification By Example' struck me as a way to describe one of roles of testing in XP. This is a 2011 Retread of post orginally made on 18 Mar 2004 

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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ScrumWorks Pro Now Available as a Cloud Instance

Want to see what a full-fledged agile-oriented project managment tool is like?  Well, ScrumWorks Pro now requires virtually no upfront cost (in time or money) to run immediately on a cloud instance.  That's because CollabNet just released the tool suite as...