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Carlos Sanchez01/24/12
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New challenges from DevOps: development cycle for your infrastructure

One of the main ideas behind DevOps adoption is the concept of  “infrastructure as code”. Tools like Puppet or Chef allow you to programmatically define your infrastructure, the provisioning of your servers: what packages are installed, what is the...

Chris Smith01/24/12
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Agile Development and Operations Hand-in-Hand

The concept of DevOps is on the rise: there's a conference, ThoughtWorks developed a tool and has a well-received book out on the subject and there's a Wikipedia page. So, what is DevOps, anyway? From my perspective it's the agile idea of a cross-functional...

Israel Gat01/23/12
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“Big Agile”

On January 30, 2012 12:00 pm EST, colleague and friend Hubert Smits and I will be doing a Cutter webinar entitled “Bilg Agile” is More than Just a Software Method.  We will follow on in February with a “Big Agile” issue of the Cutter IT Journal...

Willie Wheeler01/23/12
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Closed loops - the secret to collecting configuration management data

Hi all, Willie here. In my last post, How NOT to collect configuration management data, I gave a quick rundown of some losing CM data approaches that I and others have attempted in the past. Most of these approaches were variants of asking people for...

Mitch Pronschinske01/23/12
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Sh*t Project Managers Say

Just a few things you may hear from your everyday project manager...

Giorgio Sironi01/23/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Collapse Hierarchy

In the scenario of today, a subclass and superclass are not very different: the evolution of the code has brought them to this situation. Behavior has been removed, or moved elsewhere in the system, and they are almost the same entity.The Collapse Hierarchy...

Andrey Karpov01/23/12
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About size_t and ptrdiff_t

Abstract The article will help the readers understand what size_t and ptrdiff_t types are, what they are used for and when they must be used. The article will be interesting for those developers who begin creation of 64-bit applications where use of size_t...

Tom O'connor01/23/12
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A Sensible Java Build Tool

I've been writing Java in one sense or another for a few years now.  I learnt stuff at university, then used it in a few jobs.  I've written Beans and Applets, and various bits of stuff in between.  It's fairly safe to say, that I like Java.   One thing...

Esther Derby 01/23/12
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Building Effective Teams: Miss the Start, Miss the End

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato, Greek philosopher and writer, 429–347 B.C.E. I’ve written several articles about a manager’s relationship with a team that has already formed. A manager’s relationship with a team as...

Johanna Rothman01/22/12
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Leadership, Management, Transitioning to Agile

I’ve been working with several management teams who want me to train them or their project managers to take over the agile training. It’s not unreasonable from their perspective—it’s how they’ve transitioned to all the other process improvement...

Dave Farley01/22/12
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Don’t Feature Branch

I recently attended the Devoxx conference. One of the speakers was talking on a topic close to my heart, Continuous Delivery. His presentation was essentially a tools demonstration, but one of the significant themes of his presentation was the use of...

Swizec Teller01/20/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Programmers are f***ing lazy

With the possible exception of philosophers, programmers are the laziest bunch of people I know. It seems like everyone else I speak to has some sort of labor intensive profession. Think about it, biologists do all those experiments … giving a drug to...

Chris Smith01/19/12
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There's More to DevOps than Meets the Eye

Scott Ambler, IBM Rational’s chief methodologist for IT, had some predictions regarding what will be the new IT buzzword for 2012.  Unfortunately, he doesn't take much of a leap in declaring "DevOps" to be the new hot ticket in the IT...

Giorgio Sironi01/19/12
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With the 1.2 release, PHPUnit_Selenium supports (basically) for the first time the Selenium 2 WebDriver API. While PHPUnit_Selenium already worked with Selenium 2, it did so only by using the Selenium 1 emulation included in the jar; now it provides an...

Chris Smith01/18/12
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Dreadnot Goes Open-Source

Rackspace has announced that Dreadnot, a Node.js application aimed at helping software developers better monitor their projects as they are deployed, will be open-source.  The goal of Dreadnot is to facilitate a continuous development methodology that allows...