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Giorgio Sironi09/07/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Magic Number with Symbolic Constant

In the scenario of today, we have a literal number, such as 42, scattered across the code base. Alternatively, this number may be just written in a single place, but buried into many lines of code that make difficult to understand if that's the single place...

Andrew Salvadore09/06/11
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Agile software development recommendations for users and new adopters

Let me begin by saying that I am an agile believer and as a team player I enjoy this methodology much more than the traditional waterfall methods. Agile is like a fashion these days. Its one of the buzz words, it's "cool"...and I think it...

Giorgio Sironi09/06/11
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All the Git hooks you need

Hooks are scripts that are called when certain events in the workflow of a source control system occur. In the case of Git, there are many possible hooks where you can intervene, like before and after a commit, or before some commits are rewritten by a Git...

Gareth Rushgrove09/05/11
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Chef Hello World

I’ve been playing with Chef recently, in particular the solo variant. The new job at FreeAgent meant setting up new development virtual machines and rather than just jot down instructions I decided to script everything. I’d been wanting an excuse to...

Matthias Marschall09/05/11
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How “Good to Great” applies to agile software development

Maybe you read it long ago, or it’s been on your “to read” list for years. Or maybe you’ve never heard of it: The book “Good to Great” by James C. Collins. It describes how companies move from being average to great and how they can fail to make...

Caleb Jenkins09/05/11
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How agile is your space?

In this tour of the Microsoft Patterns & Practices office workspaces, there are some interesting points brought up on building collaborative agile workspaces. Some of the points that caught my attention:

Giorgio Sironi09/05/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Change Bidirectional Association to Unidirectional

This refactoring is the inverse of Change Unidirectional Association to Bidirectional. We start from a bidirectional association, where two objects reference each other; the association is simplified to only comprehend one direction, deleting one of the two...

Benjamin Mitchell09/04/11
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Overcoming three mental blocks to listening in difficult conversations

 If you listen to most conversations you’ll hear remarkably few questions. When a conversation becomes difficult then we drop all questions; we spend most of our time telling others how we see the world. Here are three mental blocks that stop us from...

David Bland09/04/11
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Rewind Your Mind

“A good engineer thinks in reverse and asks himself about the stylistic consequences of the components and systems he proposes” – Helmut Jan This advice is not limited to engineers. It also applies to many of us who want to produce software that...

Sean Mchugh09/04/11
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Why self-organized teams are so important

It's a situation that I run into with new Scrum teams all the time. Their work is complicated you see, there's all of these dependencies for every backlog item to be implemented and each task needs somebody with a special skill and we have to schedule how...

Matthias Marschall09/02/11
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Automated Configuration Management With Opscode Chef: The Basic Moving Parts

The Moving Parts Managing your infrastructure with Opscode Chef involves a few moving parts you need to be aware of. As I found it quite hard to differentiate, I want to share the basics with you:

Jay Fields09/01/11
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Life After Pair Programming

When I first joined DRW I noticed that the vast majority of developers were not pair-programming. I was surprised that a company that employed so many smart people would just simply disregard a practice that I considered to be so obviously beneficial.

Daniel Ackerson09/01/11
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Your Code is NOT Somebody Else’s Problem

Imagine an ant working at the top of a mountain. Next to it, there’s a sluice of melt water running and, at that moment, the ant removes a tiny particle from the rock face. A few hundred molecules of water quickly seize upon the shortcut, and gravity...

Jurgen Appelo08/31/11
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Changing People's Barriers

ADKAR is a great model to guide change management initiatives at the personal level.  In an earlier post I described Change Management 3.0, and it’s first part which is about Dancing with the System. Now it is time to look at change management at the...

Dave Farley08/31/11
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Hypothesis based development

I think that the reason that agile development works is because it is the application of the scientific method to software development. A fundamental aspect of that is the importance of forming a hypothesis before you start so that you can understand the...