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Julian Exenberger05/28/14
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When too much coding can kill you.

Well it's true: too much coding can kill you, the real question is "what is the reason?" and the answer to that is; Chronic Stress.

Andres Navarro05/28/14
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Java conccurency: a brief overview

This is a brief overview on my concurrency explained using an example on transactions over bank accounts. This example is based in the producer / consumer design pattern in order to simulate real time transactions activity.

Gil Zilberfeld05/27/14
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The Kitbag Question

Anyone you ask will says they are encouraging learning, and that theirs is a learning organization. But is that really true?

Mike Bushong05/27/14
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Real employee value goes beyond what you produce

Would you rather be known as the person who does a lot of stuff that is almost right? Or the one who nails every deliverable?

Trevor Parsons05/27/14
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Our Favorite Linux Performance Monitoring Tools

As a part of monitoring and troubleshooting our system and applications, we often need to get a quick snapshot of information about the status of our server. This usually means SSHing into a server and running certain commands to get to the information we need.

Oliver Hookins05/26/14
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LZ* compression algorithms

While I was implementing a small, naive log aggregation tool I had a moment to consider the type of compression I wanted to use on the log files at rest. The main implication this has outside of the efficiency of compression and how much space the files will take up is how they can be used once stored.

Chris Haddad05/26/14
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DevOps Equals Principles Plus Practices

Successful movements have a clear manifesto outlining goals and principles. Many DevOps adopters may not be aware of the DevOps Manifesto (created by Jez Humble @jezhumble) nor how successful DevOps requires keeping a clear focus on principles, practices, and value (instead of infrastructure tooling.

Giuseppe Vettigli05/26/14
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Code parallelization with joblib

Recently I've been working on the parallelization of some Python code and I discovered Joblib. It is a library that supports pipelining and offers a good support for parallelization. In this post we will implement a (very naive) paraller matrix by matrix multiplication algorithm to show the parallelization capabilities of this library.

Rob Galanakis05/26/14
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Adjustable standing desks should be mandatory

If you want a vibrant and dynamic engineering culture, standing desks are a must. I view them as fundamental to a programming team as decent workstations and SSDs.

Rob J Hyndman05/26/14
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Data science marketplaces

Some new websites are being established offering “market places” for data science. Two I’ve come across recently are Experfy and SnapAnalytx.

Omri Erel05/26/14
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How to Choose a Cloud Provider

As a company, you need to know how to choose a cloud provider because the cloud, just like every other computing platform, need to be managed efficiently. Once you have made the decision to move to a cloud, the next critical decision is choosing the right cloud service provider.

Lynda Moulton05/25/14
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Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2014

For the third year, Findwise, an enterprise search system integrator and consulting firm based in Sweden, is doing a global survey of user experiences with content findability tools. Many of us in the field of search technology want to see how enterprises are progressing with their search initiatives.

Jonathan Levene05/24/14
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7 Ways to Kill Your Big Decision-Making Meeting

Critical decision-making meetings can easily run off the rails when many key stakeholders are present. Here are 7 ways to guarantee yours will fail.

Zac Gery05/23/14
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Identifying the PLOT in Software Design

Parkinson's Law says that "organizations give disproportionate weight to trivial issues." This statement later became known as Parkinson's Law of Triviality, or PLOT. Although Parkinson was referring to organizations as whole, over the years this problem has become a pervasive issue in software development.

Phil Whelan05/23/14
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Developers: The New Kingmakers

Technology changes have moved developers, previously of little importance within the world of IT, to a central direction-setting role within companies.