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Kief Morris01/09/12
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Maven: great idea, poor implementation (Part 3)

In the first post in this series, I explained why I think Maven Maven is a good idea. Most projects need pretty much the same thing from a build system, but using Ant normally results in complex, non-standard build system which becomes a headache to...

Kief Morris01/09/12
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Maven: great idea, poor implementation (Part 2)

In my previous post I explained why Maven is a good concept for Java project builds. In this post I'll delve into a key area where it falls down, the overcomplexity of its configuration. In brief, we have a proliferation of home-brewed build systems created...

Mitch Pronschinske01/09/12
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Pulling Jenkins' strings with Puppet

A couple months ago I created this puppet-jenkins module while experimenting with using Puppet to script or otherwise control more and more of my daily sysadmin-life.

Avi Yehuda01/08/12
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Use Clover to generate code coverage reports of your Integration/Automation Tests

Clover is a great tool for generating code coverage reports from your unit tests. It can be executed as a plugin in Eclipse, Maven or Ant. However, not everyone knows that it can also be used to collect coverage data of integration tests.

Jim Bird01/06/12
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2011: The State of Software Security and Quality

It’s the end of the year. Time to look back on what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, your successes and mistakes, and what you learned from them. I also like to look at the big picture: not just my team and the projects that I manage, or even the...

John Fuex01/05/12
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DZone Top Articles of 2011: The Code Sample (The Programmer’s Guide to Getting Hired)

Why you are being asked for a code sample and what it says about the employer. At some point during the developer recruiting process, any hiring manager with the remotest concept of due diligence is going to attempt to get a preview of what to expect from...

Shane Willerton01/05/12
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Review of Essential Skills for the Agile Developer: A Guide to Better Programming and Design

The authors provide practical advice for developing software in an Agile context by showing how to code for future enhancements while avoiding unnecessary over-design. They leverage their extensive...

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/12
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DZone's Top 5 Agile Articles of 2011

This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These Agile articles were chosen by popularity and quality of content.Top 5 Agile  articles of 201110 Mistakes That Software Team Leads MakeI hate pair programming (and...

Giorgio Sironi01/04/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Push Down Method

In the scenario of today, some logic is in a superclass of a hierarchy, modelled as a method. However, this method is only useful for one of the subclasses in the hierarchy. The proposed solution is to push down the method in the chosen subclass until each...

Abby Fichtner01/03/12
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Agile Vs. Lean: Yeah Yeah, What’s the Difference?

Is Agile the same as Lean? When people say “agile” do they really mean Scrum? Or do people still use different types of agile – and if so, why?  Been getting a lot of questions lately, so thought I’d take a stab at this… Lean Lean comes from...

Giorgio Sironi01/03/12
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TDD for multithreaded applications

This article describes some practices for test-driving multithreaded and distributed applications written in Java. The example I worked on and we will use is a peer-to-peer application composed of many Nodes (clients) and of a few Supernodes (servers).The...

Giorgio Sironi01/02/12
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Pull Up Constructor Body

After Pull Up Field and Pull Up Method, we explore today the last of this category of refactorings: Pull Up Constructor Body.The scenario consists of a series of constructors that contain duplication, and are spreaded among a few classes having a common...

Ben Kepes01/02/12
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SaaS for Agility, Lightweight as an Enabler

In a recent CloudU report, we talked at length about how an organization should approach a move to the Cloud and which applications they should pick as initial prospects for migrating. In the report we advised organizations to look at applications...

Michael Mainguy12/29/11
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Gorillarinas, Putting the agile skirt on a waterfall Gorilla

Fact: putting a skirt on a Gorilla doesn't make it any more graceful Are your agile initiatives Gorillarinas?

Mitch Pronschinske12/28/11
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Creating Resiliency Through Destruction - The GameDay Method

Gameday is an exercise designed to increase resilience through large-scale fault injection across critical systems where resilience is seen as the ability of a...