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Wille Faler11/14/11
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Why I love Test Driven Development

There are too many reasons to recount in full why Test Driven Development (TDD) is great: finding bugs early, getting double-sided checking of code (test vs. code, how do they match up?), it drives good API design, tests effectively document what your code...

Mark Needham11/14/11
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The 5 whys: Another attempt

Towards the end of the week before last and the beginning of last week we’d been having quite a few problems with our QA environment to the point where we were unable to deploy anything to it for 3 days. A few weeks ago I wrote about a 5 whys exercise...

Mitch Pronschinske11/14/11
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Sometimes it *IS* about the Tools—Solving Cultural Issues with Software

While it is generally true that you can't solve a soft skill issue with technology, there are cases where tooling can help promote greater cultural harmony among team members. This talk from DevOpsDays Goteborg 2011 covers which types and...

Giorgio Sironi11/14/11
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Practical PHP Refactoring: Separate Query from Modifier

In the (recurring) scenario of today, a method modifies the state of an object and returns something at the same time. In this case, the method is an hybrid between:

Paul Stack11/14/11
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Is Implementing Continuous Delivery the Key to Success?

“Until your pretty code is in production, making money, or doing whatever it does, you've just wasted your time” - Chris Read whilst at London CI.In my opinion, this quote really sums up software development. Process and red tape are becoming an obstacle...

Kelly Waters11/14/11
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7 Reasons why Continuous Delivery needs to be a BUSINESS initiative

One of the key practices of agile and lean teams is the idea of Continuous Delivery.  If not continuous, then at least very frequent! ThoughtWorks has an area of their web site dedicated to Continuous Delivery, and also a really interesting webinar that...

Esther Derby 11/14/11
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Supporting Team-Based Work

Many of the companies I work with want the benefit of the team effect in software development. The managers in these companies recognize the enormous benefits teams provide to the company–creativity, engagement, learning.

Mitch Pronschinske11/12/11
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Case Study Video: Puppet at Constant Contact

Constant Contact's use of Puppet has evolved from being an operations tool for system configuration management to playing a central role in our software...

Sri Prakash11/11/11
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Pitfalls in Agile Software Development

We all know that Agile software development is a surefire way to produce results oriented, client satisfying, and measurable software development. While there are tons of white papers, blogs and project success stories to justify this methodology, there...

Mitch Pronschinske11/11/11
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Flyway 1.5 Released - An Agile DB Migration Framework for Java

If you haven't heard about Flyway, a database migration tool for Java, now's a good time to check it out.  The 1.5 version was just released with support for Ant tasks and server credentials from Maven's settings.xml.  From the Google Code page: It just...

Mitch Pronschinske11/10/11
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DevOps Adoption and Case Studies - Free PDF

A new issue of Cutter IT's Journal just arrived, and this one's on DevOps… and it's free.  To get "Devops: A Software Revolution in the Making?," you just fill out a simple form with the promo code and you get the PDF from Cutter for no charge. ...

Shane Willerton11/10/11
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Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

The Data Warehousing development arena lags behind the application development area as far as adopting project management and development techniques. Some of the common excuses to not even look at...

James Betteley11/10/11
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Exporting MAVEN_OPTS not working for Freestyle Jenkins Projects

I’m running Jenkins version 1.428 and I have a “Freestyle” project. The aim of this project is to upload a large tar.gz file to an artifactory repository. The team are using Maven so we started out by looking at using Maven to do the deployment. It...

Gareth Rushgrove11/10/11
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The rise of the in-house team?

I was just thinking about the Design it Build it conference that I spoke at. Specifically the people who spoke on the developer track. Between myself, Michael Brunton-Spall from The Guardian, David Singleton from Last.fm and Emma Persky from Gumtree four...

Dennis Doomen11/10/11
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In Retrospect: About Bugs

This is the third of several posts in which I’d like to share some of the things we learned throughout more than 14 sprints of Agile development using Scrum. Some of them might appear as open doors, but I wish I knew or thought about those before I...